Changing email and password of my forum account

So, I finally figured out how to access my forum account. However, I am now stuck with a weird problem. I want to change my email address, but can’t seem to do that without knowing my password, and I can’t reset my password without confirming my email. Please help. Lol.

  1. Change your email to one that you have access to
  2. Send the password reset email to that email address
  3. Click on the link sent to you which should bring you back to the forums

It’s been a while since I did it so I may have missed some steps. I hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:.

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I wish it did!! Honestly, I am totally lost here.
Trying to describe the issue in a bit more detail.
I go to update my email address, enter it, and then the letter shows up in my inbox with a link to click on, however to finish confirming my email, it requires me to log in with my password, but since the forum account was created automatically when I entered the forum from my game, I have no clue what my password is. So therefore, I can’t verify my email without my password, and can’t change the password without having verified the email. Seems very paradoxical and I don’t know what to do.

Are you accessing your email through the same device where you play the game? There are some people who can’t confirm the email correctly unless they do so from their device. So, the device you play on, you need to have access to your email, so you can confirm the email address and open the forums on the same device. Give that a try!

Thank you Polaris! Followed your instructions and I was finally able to do it. :slight_smile:

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