Chapter 34.7 NoWin Scenario

Linking this to Dash and giving him a full energy bar at the start of the wave is the most frustrating implementation I have seen thus far.

I’ve tried every suggestion, upgraded several characters (including some I would not have) and none of them succeeded.

So this chapter needs to be redesigned so I’m not dealing with an invincible Dash who can one shot my team before I can remove his invincibility.

And please don’t bother suggesting strategies, all possible tactics have been tested, so it’s now a case of bad game design needing to be fixed.


Have you tried Timon? He works well vs that combo

Also, if you are just beating chapter 34 then you might be newer to the game and playing catch-up. I found on a re-roll account that I could burn through a lot of chapters with a relatively low team up, but when I hit a hard chapter I would have to grind out badges and rank toons up until I would become strong enough to clear the chapter.

If you hit one of the glass ceilings you may have to just sit and work on badges for a bit and gain levels.

If you want to see everything that i tried and failed (including T&P), look here:

You need to rank up, grind badges and level Timon

allowing R12 chapters to be easily beaten by R0 heroes would indeed be bad game design.

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This is a R10 chapter.
And power means nothing here, because Dash cannot be harmed, at least, not enough to defeat him:

So this is bad game design, no enemy should be invincible.

Let me be absolutely clear, I was advised to ignore T&P because I don’t use them, the reason was that expending resources on characters I don’t ultiize is compromising my ability to max out my core team and others of more value in gameplay.
Stamina and gold aren’t free commodities and Red10 is costly.

It’s not that hard.

@Tilarta I can take a video if you want to see how I did it


Jasmine, kidda and Baymax should be left behind IMO
Elsa too to some extent.

Hope this helps.


Can’t be done, it is a no win scenario :wink:

To be brutally candid, the level cap on my server is 215.
I’m 15 levels below what was shown above.

Well, they make it much easier.


they are one of the most useful support heroes in the game… whoever advised to ignore them gave bad advice :grimacing:

You don’t necessarily need to badge them up to a high rank, just level up their skills and stick a few Green mods on.


You don’t even need to level up all of their skills, green and purple should do it, just give them as many green skill power mods as possible.
Example again. Dash survives due to Meg’s buff and beats Jessie, whose health is pretty poor, so she should be dead in one hit. But even full Dash combo of white and green skill didn’t take her out.
No kidding, Pumbaa is a savior in many situations.

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That is exactly what what was said about accepting advice to use T&P.
If two opposing opinions exist, only one of them can be right.

And I’m leaning towards the statement that T&P are uncessary as the right one, because I was told this before the last time I could not get past a roadblock, but then didn’t need them after all!

But opinions aren’t facts…

Opinions can only be dumb or smart (there is also the in-between, but that’s not what I’m focusing on), not right or wrong. But this doesn’t mean both opinions can’t be both dumb or both smart.

Just saying :man_shrugging:


Just because you didn’t need a hero for beating one team doesn’t mean you won’t need them in another team


Opinion can also be wrong, if a opinion is based on a subject with proof, logical reasoning and other defining elements then there is a right or wrong opinion.

But for the rest of the opinion types I agree with you.

That’s also of a matter of perspective, though. And perspective is an opinion.

Not really to put it simple 2+2=4 and that’s the only opinion you can have. Hence in some areas there can only be one opinion if you reached another opinion your either ignoring something or missed something.

But for everything else then opinions can be what ever fancy your whim.

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