Character concept #12 Davy Jones

Information character: Davy is an evil pirate creature to hunt treasure and take down enemys

Stars character: 3 Stars

Character Team: Yellow

Quote: “Next Time I shall rule over the seas”

White skill: Summon the Kraken
Davy sumon the kraken to smash Enemies

Green skill: Mess with nothing else
As Davy Jones got few hits. He use his throw his sword at one creeps and got another sword in time

Blue skill: Much better
Davy heals himself as he got hit by creeps

Purple skill: More treasure?
Davy use his gun to shoot creeps and he see golden coins to get ×10 coins (Not for creep version of Davy jones)

Friendship mode

Davy Jones/Ursula
Hunt of Jack Sparrow
Skills for “Much Better” allies
Level 123
Others: Tia. Woody. Mad hatter

Davy Jones/Bobbosa
Finds a Legend of famous parties
Skills “More Treasure” Skill To put ×30 Coins on 71%
Level 121
Others Violet. Elsa. Hercules


Davy rise from underworld water to ready for battle

Davy Jones after he Defeated. He stomped for rage screaming

Davy jones after he Victory. He Laughed and Disappeared Into a pirate ship


I don’t understand this concept…


I agree. The concept is VERY vague with terrible grammar. If anyone can understand this, please translate.

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I know who Davey Jones is, but “smash enemies”, “throw his sword and got another one in time”, “heals as he got hit by the creeps”, “he see gold coins to get 10 gold coins” all provide very little insight on what the skill does. Does the kraken stun? How many enemies does he hit? What do the gold coins do?

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Well here it is “Pirates is hard” everyone seen a fair share of character concepts and Davy Jones is one you really can’t do anything about (you’ve seen the movie)

The concept is just confusing, I will leave it at that.

Wrong Davy Jones has a couple unique aspects to him I can see this even from my limited exposure to POTC.

  1. He appears ti be able to meld through solid objects?

2.His heart is trapped in a treasure chest, or a jar of dirt, or someone’s pocket apparently… :confused:

  1. He can only be killed if his heart is destroyed, but when it is, the person who destroys his heart must take his place.

See try to explain that " ok here my character concept… Yeah he’s pretty much immortal" and also they ain’t any “solid object” in this game

Hmmm…Quorra’s bike, Woody’s lasso, Baymax, Bogo’s shield…uh…yah


Spoiler Alert: Jack Sparrow destroyed Davy Jones’s heart, yet I do not think Sparrow became Davy Jones. If only I have watched Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest I would make a concept for him. But I have seen the ending. Will Smith is stabbed by Davy Jones and to stay alive he is cursed where he can stay on land for one day to say goodbye and stay in the seas for 10 years. He has his dad to keep him some family company

Edit: I recalled wrong and went into more detail about Davy Jones and found out it was true. Sorry for defying you @Champion_David

Spoiler Alert:

Jack used Will as a puppet to stab Davey’s heart, thus making Will take Davey’s place.

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I know…that is one of the few scenes I remember.

Really doesn’t matter if the creeps are of higher level short for thwack! He dead!!

I get what you are trying to say with your whole concept but as others have said it isn’t easiest to read due to some grammar mistakes. Also as many people have addressed it is pretty vague. If you just tweak those two things this would one of the coolest concepts on forums.

I been wanting him forever