Character Concept: Judy Hopps Remastered

So here’s the thing: Judy Hopps is probably one of the worst characters currently in the game. Even with the red skill applied she’s hardly worth having on the team.

Her current moves powered up to the current highest level with every badged upgraded along with a fully powered Chief Bogo disk hardly do a thing with how short the skills last and how they’re activated.

For example, her move “Testify” heals an ally who KO’d an enemy a mere 86,743 HP and inspires them for only 3 seconds.

And that’s leveled up to 200!

My though is that in order for her to have any relevance again, she needs an overhaul on her moveset to better coincide with some of the more higher up support characters we see today.

While keeping in mind that animations and roles stay the same (along with the Red Skill remaining the same), here are my ideas what I think would be a good update for her:

White Skill:
Bunny Hop

Judy jumps in the air to kick the closest enemy, knocking them and the two nearest enemies backwards and doing ---- damage. The enemy’s attack speed is slowed by 80% and movement speed is slowed by 80% for 5 seconds.

The slow has a chance to fail against enemies higher than level ----.

Green Skill:

Judy inspires her whole team at the start of every wave, giving them ---- Basic Damage. Their movement and attack speed are increased by 25% for 7 second before decreasing to 15% for the rest of the wave. The speed buffs expire if Judy is KO’d.

Judy is briefly immune to damage and stuns while activating this skill.

The speed buffs are less effective for allies above level ----

Blue Skill:

When an ally knocks out an enemy, Hopps heals the entire team for 25% of their max HP. Any HP healed over their max is converted into a shield.

HP healed is reduced for allies above level ----

Purple Skill:
Play Dead

The first time Judy reaches 0 HP she plays dead. A short time later, she comes back to life with ----HP. This miraculous trick stuns the enemy team for 3 seconds whiling inspiring her whole team to fight back with a 50% increase in movement and attack speed for 5 seconds.

Judy is invincible for 5 second(s) once the enemy team stun ends.


First thing first, this topic should be in the hero concepts. It is not a suitable fit for this big group.

It’s kind of half and half on hero concept. I placed it in feedback because it was more a statement I wanted to makes that they should redo Judy’s move set.

I see. You’re suggesting that she needs a refresh?

This is clever

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I agree Judy needs hero refresh.

I think basic damage buff duration is too short.
it would be great if Judy continually uses Deputize once every X seconds

And Judy-Bogo disk also needs refresh. This disk is only used when protecting other user getting bonus in Challenger league.

Oh if you actually read the rest, the duration is at 25% for 7 second, then 15% for the rest of the wave or until Judy is KO’d. Basically, the Deputize is for the entire wave.

And yeah, the disks could probably use a redo as well.

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Indeed. Her abilities and time lengths applied barely help the team at all. Her skills don’t even scale up when upgraded. Like healing a team member for 86,743 HP at level 200 is beyond pathetic and just makes her a wasted space for better characters to replace.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Oh now I understand. I am not good at interpreting English.

One thing is you need to add her red skill, Judy has a red skill

Not really. Her red skill is good.

I actually kept her red skill in mind when making this since it seemed pretty good to me.

Judy’s red skill is very great. But study duration time is only 5 seconds (Hook studies enemies for 11 seconds). I think that most of the problems Judy has are about skill duration time.

That is a small duration. Eh, maybe up it to 8 seconds. I wouldn’t go any higher since the red skill already has a few good perks with it.

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