Characters size scale

I remember reading somewhere on the forum that PerBlue was planning on working on a global resizing of heroes. Are there news about that? When will we see it in-game ?

Examples of size scales I find a bit strange:

Here Anna looks ridiculously small in comparaison of the Atlantis heroes

Same for Kronk and Pacha, aren’t they a bit too small next to the girls?

And I know Elastigirl is an older hero, but she seems huge to me…

What do you think of the scales between heroes ?

In April Loutre confirmed that everyone’s size is final and they won’t be making any more changes:


Oh okay ! thanks

That statement was specific to the mouse heroes.

We are still and have been making very small scale adjustments in the game. They might just be such small changes that they haven’t been noticed.

We are given the scaling according to Disney so what is currently in game is all the Disney approved scaling and future adjustments are us just making small changes that have been given approval.

Just an example I know Disney uses for us is with the princesses they should have all the faces the same size. Bodies might end up being different, but Disney wants the faces the same.


Ah, I did not know that, I thought it was for all current heroes in game.
Thank you for clarifying and looking forward to more changes to have characters looking more accurate :slight_smile:

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