Chat Silenced!?

@Polaris Can you please explain to me why I got chat Silenced? I only said one thing in VIP and Global. And I was promoting my guild.

“Wyld Stallyns are seeking strong active members. We are rank 44. Are you up for a ride? Or are you just gonna stand there with your tail between your legs? Must be level 85 to join.”

What did I say to get chat silenced? Like seriously? It would be different if I was spamming but I was not.

You were most likely reported by other VIP Chat users, the reasons why I do not know.

You need to contact Support regarding your Chat Silence getting lifted…


Yea I also got that problem

I got Permanently Chat Silenced And each time it either said I was spamming or inappropriate language when I just get on the game saying hey

My notification said I was silenced due to inappropriate language. I didn’t curse or use any offensive language. The only thing I can think of is when I say “are you up for a ride” and they took it WAY out of context. Stallyns. Such as horses. You ride a horse for goodness sake.

I feel sorry for you, but as I said, there is nothing you can do except contact Support…

I did. Thank you! As I didn’t even know I could contact support!

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Well now you do, and knowing is half the battle.

Entiendo lo que pasa pero cuando te insultan y te contestan mal el bloqueado es uno y no ellos

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