Cheating detected

I woke up to this message this morning:

As far as I know, I haven’t done anything except unlock Merlin who isn’t in my server but was available through the crate offer a few days back.
Polaris confirmed that PerBlue decided to leave that as it is, so why am I getting this?

Edit: another thing: just before the message hit I was fiddling with my phone trying to get a screenshot of today’s newly-unlocked Joy and accidentally turned my screen off. I came back, the game actually restarted, and that’s when I noticed this alert - not sure if it was there before.

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Maybe contact support like it says rather than asking here???

I kinda don’t know how…

Tap the support button in your profile page in the game. Go into any of the categories, and then into any of the questions in the category you choose. A Contact Us option should appear in the top right corner.

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