Cinderella Concept

The Entrance Is The Last Two Seconds Of Learning Magic, Five Second Entrance.

@Underthesea Here.


10 characters

Cinderella’s “Help Out” Also Revives A KO’ed Hero.


10 characters

I’m too tired to be polite and sugarcoat it, this is without a doubt the single worst hero concept I have ever seen. The victory and defeat animations wouldn’t ever work or even make sense. The skills are pretty awful, especially the purple which is supposed to be a passive skill. The basic attack thing is stupid, we have a stat for crit and for basic damage. The skills aren’t even related to the character! (Excluding purple, which is only vaguely related.) Maybe a C or D for effort, at best.


The Shield Lasts Longer Than The Invincibility. 20 Second For The Shield, 10 Seconds For The Invisibility, How About For The Inspire, Max Of 2?

The Magic Does Normal Damage.


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I’d Give You An F-, How Bout’ That?

Still right about no likes. I tried to be nice and not give YOU the F-. Every single concept of mine has received at least 1-2 likes

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This Has 13 Likes.

He means the top post.


Why no picture? We need a picture. I didn’t have a picture for my A concept. Where’s your Cinderella picture?

Everyone Knows What Cinderella Looks Like.

Do they? There have been many different depictions of Cinderella with unique appearances. A picture would help to build on the character, since we can see which interpretation you are referencing and taking ideas from, and use it to envisage her in the game

Wh-what the heck does this moveset have to do with Cinderella?

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It’s The Cinderella 3 Design.

Well everybody knows what an A look like and you needed a picture

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Cinderella never met Frozone in number 3.

Nor did she use magic.