Citi watch unbeatable on easy mode " is it a bug"

I can’t beat City Watch on easy mode. My heroes are level 136 red level 1 maxed. Anyone have this issue, is it a bug or …

For starters, the power of the teams you face in City Watch is based on the power of your top 5 heroes. Can you tell us who your top 5 heroes are, how strong they are, and how many other heroes you have at least half as strong as your 5th hero?

Two of the most important rules of City Watch are that you keep your heroes’ health and energy from one fight to the next, and you can re-do a fight as many times as you like without penalty. Take full advantage of those rules:

  • Use the easier fights in the first 2-3 stages (6 to 9 fights) to fill up the energy meters of several key backup heroes, that you can call on for certain situations in later fights. E.g., have a backup healer ready (if Kristoff & Sven is your primary healer, get Joy’s or Mickey’s energy full), have someone ready who can attack the rearmost enemy instantly (like Jasmine & Rajah or Randall) in case you face Jafar or Maleficent, have someone who can stun or freeze the entire other team (like Felix or Frozone), etc.

  • If you’re not happy with the result of a battle, even if you won it, don’t hesitate to try again to improve the result. Ideally you’ll finish every battle near full health and at full energy for all your heroes; sometimes varying the timing of your attacks, swapping in another hero, or even just old-fashioned luck will allow you to do so, even if you just barely win your first attempt.

  • DO NOT USE QUICK FIGHT BEFORE THE LAST BATTLE. Part of the programming of Quick Fight is to always fire off your heroes’ white skills as soon as possible; that means you’ll almost never end a fight with your heroes at or near full energy, which will make future fights much, much more difficult. Similarly, be careful with how you use Auto, and try to turn it off well before the battle is over so you can keep your heroes’ energy meters full.

Also, while a lot of the heroes who are really good in City Watch are the same as the ones who are good in PvP/Surge (Mulan, Dash, Rapunzel, Maximus, etc.), there are some heroes who are significantly more useful in City Watch than in other areas, such as Nick, Sulley(Wo), Wall-E(Fl), Duke Caboom, Zurg, Hiro, etc. It’s worthwhile to have a couple of heroes built up to mostly help out with City Watch.

Once you post your strongest heroes, we can probably give you more specific help, but hopefully these tips will get you started.


i always do this old trick before i start my cw campaign

  • remove your hero disk

  • remove all the mods

@REGULAR: I’m guessing you at least skimmed through my earlier comment in this thread; if you’ll post the same information about your strongest heroes, and if any of my tips aren’t clear, I’ll try to help you.

Thanks for the info Jodi and Parzival. Now it makes sense. I did not know how the CW worked. I’ll use your advice.

What’s the point in having easy medium hard epic? If its based on your top 5 hero’s power, i got stuck on epic, moved down to hard, moved down to medium, moved down to easy and still exactly the same. Also the information you’ve given is a big help, could not make any sense of city watch in the game. Absolutely ridiculous they need to change it or make it clearer. Sometimes people just want to hit play… It dosnt tell you anything about strategy or tactics.

“Easy” is just like Medium, except your heroes get to use their HP and Energy regen between battles; IMHO, that’s not enough of a difference to really make it easy, and the strength of the teams you face in this mode should be decreased by 10-20%.

Hard and Epic are just like Medium, except they add one or two Wards that give advantages to the computer teams. Some wards are easy enough to overcome, to the point it’s barely harder than Medium; others can make a City Watch very difficult or even impossible, if you’re unlucky with the combination of two bad wards and a really tough team. A few of the wards could use a minor nerf, but I understand the thinking behind wanting these levels to be challenging to complete.

I used your advice and it worked. Removed all the mods and disk. I beat hard mode for the first time. And yes Regular, I feel ur pain. I wish they made the rules clear on CW. Most of my team mates in my guild have the same problem. But know I’ll give them all this information. :grinning:

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