City watch-I can't complete medium at level 175


I am getting really aggravated that I can’t unlock the red skills, yet people with much lower levels can-why I can’t I get last medium city watch?

It’s making me not enjoy aspects of the game :frowning:

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I am lv175 and struggle to beat easy. Been like that for me for many months. I gave up on the idea of getting red skills :woman_shrugging:

It’s so frustrating though when I see much lower levels with them though lol.

@Polaris any insight please?

City Watch scales to your own level & power, so weaker players should have an equally weaker City Watch.

To the same effect, yours should be equally straightforward :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t know if I can help you, but in order to help you I think I need to know some more :-).

First of all what are the main characters you use in terms of City Watch, like not the main 5 characters, but like the overall characters you use for City Watch.

I myself use use Sulley, Goofy, Nick, Mickey and Huey, Dewey and Louie often, though I also mix with Hercules, Scrooge and Wall-E as my main switch arounds depending on what I need. As secondary helpers I have Bogo, Donald and Calhoun usually. (My Nick, Mickey, Scrooge and Huey, Dewey and Louie are Red skilled).

I for the most part clear Epic City Watch, but I am picky on when I go for it, like if the wards are increased reality for the enemies and immune to disables I would wait. If the wards are something like increased armor the enemies and decreased healing for my team I probably try it as my team focus on Fantastic Damage and Sulley’s healing is still pretty good as he heals at the end of every wave usually.

I’ve been playing since day dot, and at some point city watch all changed.

I am using Gaston, Jack-Jack, Beast, Peter Pan and Elsa as my first team, all level 175. Then i interchange, Randall, Bo Peep and Moana. So it’s not a weak team. I’ve tried all sorts to get the level down on opening a new city watch.

The lowest I can get on level one is 165 with red skills! That doesn’t seem fair right??

First of all I don’t think I see any character that are primarily a healer as far as I know. You might have forgotten to include them, but if you don’t actually have a main team healer than I really recommend getting a team healer strong enough to help you in City Watch.

I overall really recommend powering Nick up as he is really, really, really good in City Watch as you can get all the 5 Lemmings which do tons of damage. The other one would be Sulley if you would like to have his healing at the end of the wave, but yeah not sure if you want to spend resources on 2 if you don’t have that many resources.

As for the team you have I don’t think it is bad necessarily, but really missing a healer. I can’t say for sure on this one, but maybe a newer tank might be good, like preventing Beast from going down early. I see thar you have Bo Peep, but from what I understand she got a nerf earlier so she is less good than she was.

From what I see at least you mainly focus on damage and crowd control, I would suggest adding some more hints of survivability like a team healer. You have self-healers like Moana and such, but I don’t see any team healers if I remember their skills right.

Hope you don’t feel like I wrote too long, but yeah I hope this can help you and that you get some futher in City Watch :-).

How am I supposed to defeat a team level 224?

Hum… . The best tip I think I can give you I think might be to use crowd controllers that is not restricted by level, like Hercules and Huey, Dewey and Louie. This way you can make them not be able to attack and as such keep them in check. So yeah, recommend checking who can crowd control while not being restricted by level :-).

I could try to help help more directly if you post you want, but yeah this is up to you.

(Saw you had posted here so I moved my comment here).

Thank you, I have a fairly levelled up Moana, and a red level Sulley, so may invest in levelling him up :smiley:

No problem and happy to help. ^^.

Also, linking Meg to Beast is really strong and should be able to help if you have meg somewhat decent.

But still, yeah Sulley should help you a lot and glad to hear that you have him relatively well leveled :-).

But yeah, good luck Mydnight_Rose and hope for you that you manage to get further in City Watch ^^. Hope you manage to get Red skill chips. :-).

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Not sure if your server have it, but in my server there are a special Red Chip crate up that you can maybe buy some of in order to get Red Skill Chips. :-).

That’s insane!!

@Mydnight_Rose Also, just ask did you manage to get further in City Watch? :-).

They really need to adjust city watch to not calculate your total power not maybe the power of your top 20 heroes.

They should also NOT count power gained from friendship discs and mods which can be removed before resetting to lower power level. An old trick many use but a chore in itself.

City watch should absolutely be not be as challenging as it is.

They Can Lift A Level Because It’s A Bot.

No luck still. Removed discs etc, tried so many combos. It is not fair lol!

I see and too bad :-(.

Hum… . Might be an idea that you tell me what kinds of lineups that gives you the most trouble, that way I can try and figure out a counter for them that you can see if you can try.

Also, while I don’t know if you have many Red characters. But if you have many Red characters without their Red skill I think I recommend buying the Red Skill Chip crate so that you can hopefully get some Red skills that can help you :-).

If you don’t have a good Nick yourself, try to higher a good Nick as his Lemmings really help in City Watch, he can really help and my Nick helped some others in my own guild clear Hard City Watch for the first time.

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