City Watch Leveling and Contest Boosting

Okay, does City Watch level with Team Level, to get harder as you level up?

And, when City Watch is part of a contest, do you boost the opponents?

I’m wondering because it always takes me 4-5 teams to get through City Watch and I’m waiting until I can do Normal with one team before going on to hard. But when I was Team Level 75, it took 4-5 teams, and at Team Level 135 it STILL takes 4-5 teams. And then, when it becomes part of a contest, I can’t get past 2nd or 3rd Region half the time. Sometimes can’t even get out of the 1st region.

Just very annoying and frustrating.

Yes, it scales, but no, it isn’t boosted during contests.

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Take off all your discs before resetting it. You will get better matchups.

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Just pop off all =/<81 discs.



So, just give up on it. Ok.

I can’t build fast enough to keep up with it. I can’t make a team strong enough to beat it. And I’m not going to unequip all my discs every time I reset it.

I also can’t afford to pay-to-win.

So, if it keeps scaling with Team Level, I will never be able to beat it.

So, give up.

Great game design there.

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