City watch power out of control after update

I ran a normal city watch today. Despite having most characters R0 with 6 stars and max stats, I can’t pass the 3rd wave with any combo. 2 hours later and I quit trying.


Maybe because of level

Oh wow, you spent 2 hours just trying. Cudos
Mainly people are playing a game for leisure and want to be challenged but City Watch is bugged since day 1 imho.
I posted several topics over the last 12 months stating this out. The matchmaking is way off. Nobody gave me an explanation why I face opponents mit 6* heros and 5* discs 20 lvl and 4-5 tiers over my own roster every single time I manage to get to stage 5 on hard mode.
Matchmaking obviously need more refinement.

Hi @Glitch_has_itch and welcome to the forums.

The difficulty level of your City Watch is determined by the combined power of your top 5 characters. So in a strange way, having them at Red with max stats and stars could be the reason you are struggling.
Before the update, the teams you would face were pulled directly from the arena on your server (now they are taken from the coliseum). These lineups are then powered up as the Watch progresses.

If you are struggling, try using the first few levels to fill the power bar of some useful characters (Baymax is a good example). That way if you hit a level which is really hard you can go straight in with additional shields, some big attacks or speed buffs etc.

I usually find that once I clear a really tough level the following ones are considerably easier to beat.

Good luck, I hope this helps.


How many times you will push this on the skill set of individual players and their personal roster that the 5th stage is 80% of all attempts to beat it simply fail even when all relevant available toons are powered up?
The stage simply scales to harsh in comparison to the available roster. No need to sugarcoat it :wink:.

What does exactly that enemy combo look like and what have you tried to beat it with? I’m very curious - I don’t have any red heroes, but I always do City Watch on max difficulty (I try to raid when the weekly wards are extra annoying).

Because the game expects you to have strategised and built up energy over the course of the City Watch. The additional power & increased challenge is to compensate for you having your white skills available much sooner, perhaps right at the start of the battle.

City Watch is not difficult, and the only obstacle was in Super Hard facing meta teams of very strong heroes such as Jafar / Ducky & Bunny. Without the ward, even those can’t stand up to a well charged-up team.

That obstacle should be greatly alleviated now that the enemies pull from Coli.


Your suggestion is to play City Watch only manually then and retry every stage if the white skills are not fully started up?
The meta obstacles add to this, btw. Beginning from stage 4 nearly every team faced is the new super meta that has being mentioned above. Especially if your coli tier is Platinum I (and above). I have difficulties to fathom how pulling from coli is an alleviation in your opinion since usually the strongest coli line is the same as in arena.

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Yep! Takes much less time than running on auto and ending up in the same headache as the OP.

Sometimes, but not always. A lot of people mix & match their coli teams. Besides, I assume the new algorithm can pick from any coli line, not just the strongest of someone’s 3. Also besides, by ‘strongest’ here I assume you mean power, since I doubt the code can differentiate what would theoretically be a ‘stronger’ combination of heroes in a team - and we all know that the highest powered heroes aren’t necessarily the best.

Yes, on offence, but not defense.

Here we go again. Assuming is not knowing. Since PB never explained the mechanics thoroughly everybody is assuming. I’d like to know once and for all how it’s really done to design a strategy that works 8 out of 10 attempts. This is not too much to ask.

Nope, I don’t

On my server, many Coli defence teams are different to Arena teams. Many are also the same.

Therefore what can we do but assume? It seems very unlikely that the algorithm would go “here’s player X coli team, oh look, line 2 is the same as their Arena team. let’s use that for this CW stage”

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Fact is that the majority of players, I’ll call them ‘average players’ do have massive difficulties to finish 5 stages of City Watch.
I really don’t care where the lines are being pulled from.
I just want to state out that there’s an imbalance that’s growing from every tier raise to tier raise. Adding to that is this meta problem with overpowered new generation heroes like Jaffar, Ducky, BoBeep who happens to shred even a good skilled team of 2nd and 3rd generation heroes in one go.
If it’s the game play you like, brilliant. Me? I don’t enjoy it.
If players with R1 6 star heroes do have this problem, too maybe PB should give it a thought to look into this.

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Below are screenshots of the top 3 for arena & coliseum on server 5 (I’m not going to waste my time doing more than these). You will see that not a single one of the top arena teams is replicated in the arena. Likewise, of the 15 lines in the top 3 coliseum spaces there is not a single line which is duplicated exactly.
Therefore not only is your comment incorrect (gasp of surprise) but it shows that the coliseum provides more variety as a source for City Watch.

Lol, every screenshotted team has Jaffar or BoBeep or Ducky in them or all 3 of them in a team combination. Yeah, I feel you. Do you feel me, brother?

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All this does is prove the point that the coliseum is a more suitable draw. If all arena teams have these heroes and City Watch gets its teams from the arena then in theory all CW fights would face you against these (which would not be fun).
By drawing from the coliseum the chances of this happening is reduced (1/3 of the coliseum teams shown do not contain any of those characters).

And no, I do not feel you.

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Basically if you want to complete city watch just use jafar!

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Just finished City Watch in hard mode. I’m in server 10 at level 126. All my heroes are just orange.
The last section, was the hardest. All the enemies were level 131. The first wave only one of them was red. This one was a bit difficult. Had to try several combinations. Finally won, but my Olaf died in the process.
The last wave, all of the baddies were 6-star red. It was rough. Luckily no Jafar.
I was lucky enough that I all had my heroes fully charged (Zurg/Quorra/Maleficient/Calhoun/Sully) So I won no sweat. Sadly, Sully sacrificed his life for the good of the team. :cry:
Still… It shouldn’t have to be this hard. It’s meant to be fun.


Your screenshots do not add to the attempt to discuss if City Watch is a managable game mode on a daily basis.
As I stated before it’s not relevant exactly where the data is being pulled from. It is very obvious that an opponent keeps facing team comps with op heroes that are quite similar to one another. Conception of City Watch was the same in two other PB Games as it was for Surge. But hero concepts and skill sets were different. It’s certainly possible to beat 1-3 of those op combs with a wide spread hero roster. But at some point something got to give and relevant counter heroes die.
So why not discuss if a game mode that at times takes more than 30 mins to accomplish and has become a real time consuming chore is still suitable for a mobile game with more than 12 daily tasks to complete if you’re interested in keeping to progress. Are the rewards for the time spent on this mode worth it? Is there maybe a difficulty to it that it shouldn’t have for an “average player”?
If it is as time consuming as it is right now due to those matches with op heroes shouldn’t at least the rewards be improved? Disc power earned for example has never changed since the servers went live over a year ago.

This thread is getting pulled pretty far off topic now. The original post was about finding city watch difficult. They have been given some help in dealing with this. I’m sure if anyone else has anything productive to assist them they would appreciate it.
Other than that let’s not clutter this chat any further.

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We’ve only had the new algorithm for not even a day! Give it a chance :stuck_out_tongue: I ran through SH with the slow debuff this morning in just under 10 mins.

‘City Watch’ in DS was very similar in terms of facing the same teams again & again, and was often filled with Bone Dragon / Slayer teams, etc. etc, though since it could be basically cheesed with Medusa & Burned One it wasn’t particularly tricky either.

I’d say certainly yes!! The token reward is enough for at least a few heist tickets, which can give even more tokens as reward, and the Gold is equivalent to what… 3-5 surge battles at least?

Anyway, back to the OP, City Watch power has not changed as a result of the latest update. :man_shrugging: