Colesium Help! & Team Building

Hi! I’m looking for help for a good team in regards to each area of the game for e. campaign, area, and colesium.

My current OG Team for everything is: Duke Caboom, Wall-E, Chief Bogo, Goofy, and Frozone

I just unlocked Buzz Lightyear recently and am working on upgrading his skills— plus I’m not sure how to corporate him into that team because I keep getting destroyed in the Arena.

I’m also working on getting Violet to B1, because I’m starting to notice she’s a strong asset to a good team.

I’m just having trouble building 3 GOOD teams for colesium especially, because my best team is starting to fall short once I got to TL 40.

Help? XD


Here’s my list of characters, since I can’t post pictures…
-3-Star Duke Caboom L40 B1 P:2,133
-3-Star Buzz Lightyear L40 B1 P:2,056
-2-Star Wall-E L40 B1 P:1,899
-2-Star Frozone L40 B1 P:1,887
-2-Star Chief Bogo L40 B1 P:1,817
-2-Star Ralph L40 B1 P:1,798
-2-Star Vanellope L40 B1 P:1,784
-2-Star Nick Wilde L40 B1 P:1,700
-1-Star Finnick L40 B1 P:1,624
-1-Star Aladdin L40 B1 P:1,527
-1-Star Goofy L40 B1 P:1,526
-2-Star Violet L40 B0 P:1,475
-1-Star Dash L40 B1 P:1,448
-1-Star Elastigirl L40 B1 P:1,438
-1-Star Jack-Jack L40 B1 P:1,434
-1-Star Judy Hopps L40 B1 P:1,414
-1-Star Yax L40 B1 P:1,406

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Im working something out, just give me 5 mins i think


Thank you so much! I appreciate that a ton. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
P.S. I am able to post pictures now so, I think the viewing experience will be much more user friendly x

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I did the organising based on heroes mostly, but i did use most of the higher power ones.
Team 1: Duke, Buzz, Wall-E, Vanelope and goofy. (2 front, 1 mid, 2 back)
Team 2: Frozone, Ralph, Aladdin, Violet and Elastigirl. (2 front, 1 mid, 2 back)
Team 3: Bogo, Nick, Dash, Jack-Jack and Judy( 1 front, 2 mid, 2 back)
Focus on leveling skills like Frozones white skill so they don’t fail if you are vs a same level lower level opponent. Anyway, this was my opinion and I hope it helps


Thank you so much for your advice, I will make sure to try those teams and hopefully get good results. I appreciate it. :smile:

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It’s fine happy to help!