Coliseum Glitch

I have experienced this glitch ever since I reached the level that unlocked the coliseum (the reason I haven’t posted about it before was because I just found the forums). Whenever I try to change the team I would like to battle with, it shows me aspects of the tutorial. This is not an issue with the latest 2.4 update, it has been an issue for me for awhile.

(1) When I change the team, an arrow shows up that points at the team I removed a hero from and forces me to click on that team’s number. I tried to upload an image to show this issue, but it won’t let me post or reply with images for some reason.

(2) After I fix my team, it points to the fight button and has a message at the top that says “Now you are ready to fight.” If I remember correctly, that was part of the tutorial and I am not sure if that is something that should be there every time I fight in the coliseum. I also tried to upload an image here, but again it won’t let me post this with an image.

I am not sure if anyone else is experiencing this problem, and I am also not sure if this was done on purpose. I am currently at team level 102, but it still gives me these two parts of the tutorial every time I try to change up the teams in a coliseum battle.

I marked your Coliseum tutorial as complete - does that make the arrows go away for you?

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Yes it did! Thank you so much!

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