Coliseum Needs Changes

  1. Make the rules more tolerable
    For most players, it’s a struggle to build 1 functional team, let alone 3. Challenger rules are meant to punish players into using different heroes (which is a bad way to do it, but that’s a whole other rant), but no one except the heavy spenders is able to engage with this simply because they don’t have any heroes to swap out. I would suggest removing the VII and III rules, and ensuring that the other two support using different comps instead of trying to force players to stop using certain heroes.

  2. Make the weekly reward crates drop 5/10/15/30 of every exclusive mod piece, instead of just one. There are so, so many heroes that need Green Skill upgrades, yet I nearly always get useless shield or attack speed pieces. It’s highly frustrating, and at this point I’ve given up on bothering with the mode because the rewards just aren’t worth the effort. This goes for both Challengers leagues, not just Coli.

  3. Slightly reduce the number of people in each league. Coli takes a lot of switching heroes around, and waiting through fights. With less people, there’s more time to focus on strategy and optimization.


Would it be ok if I add something to the list? Also, these are really good suggestions for improvement.


Sure. That’s what the topic is for. :slight_smile:

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Ok. This would be the first fix that needs to happen IMO before the others.

I have been told that this is an issue with devices and WiFi, but the game constantly crashes, especially when doing PvP modes. More so for Coli than Arena, but it does happen. I think it would be very helpful for people to be able to change settings of certain aspects of the game that might help prevent crashes on older devices. For example, turning off character animations when not in battle.

From what I know, Coli is much easier than Arena in the sense that there are less people who are committed to it, but I still think that Coli needs to be more accessible for everyone so that everyone can play the mode.


and the diamonds rewards need to upgrade, i mean being 1st in coli/arena only gives what? 200 diamonds everyday of the week (yeah i know it will upgrade if you in higher division) compare to arena before start challangers season, we can earn 500 everyday

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I will put my two pennies into this topic. This shouldn´t really be a Coliseum-exclusive topic since you are essentially talking about Challenger tiers @Pawpsicle

I applaud your number two and number three ideas. However, I´d like to edit your idea number one.

From what I figured, it would be much better if the amount of tiers was reduced from 7 to 5 or even 4. The +1/+2 division upgrade should persist.
You have only one possibility to make it into Challenger I tier by being the best in every of them. Imo the Challenger I tier should be like Guild War Legendary tier in the way that most can reach it and there can be more than 100 players in it.
Also why the reducement in tier number?
Well, you said it, in week 1 the 1st gets extraordinary 200 diamonds in each Challengers. Is 200 enough? Absolutely not. And to top it all, Platinum, Gold and lower tiers need more diamonds asap, so this would be a viable solution.

Back to Challengers I. With 100+ people in Arena and Coliseum Challengers I, there would be the real division between hardcore Arena/Coliseum players and “those that only progressed to reach high diamond rewards”.

Coliseum takes a lot more effort and heroes than Arena, so the rules for it should be much more relaxed.

I disagree. The current system gives a sense of accomplishment to having reached high tiers, and making it easy would be especially harmful since the mode is dedicated to competitive players.

However, I did consider suggesting that the diamonds rewards be scaled differently so that early tiers earn more. Currently it scales by +50 diamonds per league in IIV-V, +100 in IV, +150 in III-II, and +300 in I. If it started at 125, and scaled +125 diamonds per league, the top rewards would be the same but the rest would be better distributed.
But ultimately, PB either won’t do this or will screw it up somehow (likely by reducing the max rewards by a considerable amount). Hence my hesitation in suggesting it. :man_shrugging:

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Heres Two Points Imo would be gd change :slightly_smiling_face:

  : 3 Fights =3000 pts 
  Better would be 1000 per fight like even u win 2 wave and  loose 1 wave Ur awrded 2000 Points

  : More Extra Fight with respect to arena
   at Vip 0 In Arena there are 8 extra fights while 
   at coli, just 5.

So Many switchings so at vip 0 we need more extra fight then arena

thanks for reading


Game runs fine on my device. What division do you make it to? Hard to comment on a game if you dont play

I had an iPhone 6S. Very old phone that was handed down to me. Not much storage either. Anyway… I never promoted in Coli because of crashes.

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