Coliseum Team Building

I need some help working on my coliseum teams. I have finally figured out my arena and first coliseum team after a long time. It is Sulley, Merida, Moana, Miguel and Baymax. I now just need help sorting out my other two coliseum teams as I usually just throw together teams of the highest skill power heroes. These are my heroes.

Most of my purple heroes’ skills haven’t been
upgraded very much and anyone lower than purple hasn’t been upgraded at all so I need to know who to work on and where to put them. Any help would be appreciated!

  1. Hiro, Moana, Violet, Baymax, Walle
  2. MadHatter, Stitch, Miguel, Chef, Eve
  3. Sulley, Buzz, Merida, Shank, JackJack

I agree with this except I’d replace EVE with barbossa so stitch can charge up a lot of energy through the study. By the way, who’s chef?

I would work on meg and Gaston Meg links to Gaston and he cannot fall below 1 hp while she is in the fight. Once meg dies Gaston no longer can
fall below 1 hp . His white skill is he jumps in the emenys side then on Gaston hits 0hp he eats eggs (once a fight not a wave) heals and becomes invincible for 8 seconds.
My overall conclusion is meg and Gaston are great characters . Remeber every character is great in one way

Except gaston is a backline, meaning to use this combo you cannot use any front or midline heroes.

It is a typo. It is supposed to say Chief Bogo

Is there any point in putting Violet, Baymax and Moana in the same team as all three of their white skills grant shields and cancel each other out? Or, does it just increase the HP and length of the shield instead? IDK.

But anyway thanks for the reply!

I believe that the shields stack. Besides, violet’s merida disk increases the hp and length of allies’ shields too.


Any ideas as to who I should use for my arena team? My current one is Sulley, Baymax, Moana, Merida and Miguel. I was recommended to use them

Yes, shield HP stacks, and they will still each wear off on their own timers.

I’d just remove sulley. With no fantastic damage and the fact that miguel is already your healer he doesn’t serve much of a purpose. As a replacement, is hiro on your server? If so I’d suggest him.

Yeah he’s fully upgraded and one of my best heroes. I could do that or I could replace Miguel with Mike to do double scares maybe.

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