Coliseum team help

So these are heroes are have leveled somewhat I have every character in the game besides Evil Queen, Baloo, and Shan Yu, I have been struggling recently in coliseum and sometimes even guild war so was just looking for recommendations for team comps, I’d be willing to level up any hero just looking for some tips on what works well especially for defense aspect

What server

I play on server 22

Shan yu is not on your server yet only hero your server lacks

Just want to really focus on building some solid teams before we get red skills next month

Do you want coliseum team for now or red teams different story

I’ll take now I know red changes a lot but shouldn’t be too bad for hero changes

Meta changes 180* degrees with red…

That’s fine I’ll take the help for now since I’ve been struggling recently just unsure what heroes to really focus on

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