Colisiam team swedidh chef

i need a team for my chef but i dont know who to use
Team 1

Team 2

TEam 3 will have chef but i dont know who to put with him probaley a team with beaker?

help me out

So you need help? Ok, here’s what I know

Swedish Chef has lots of HP. (most healthiest Tank??)

He’s really good at applying Fatigue so enemies can’t gain buffs.

With his Red Skill enemies deal less s damage for each Fatigue Stack.

Hope that sparks some thought.

what u think about this can it beat meta also i will add beaker to this team when i get him if its good what u think

or shouldi make one with tia dalma and yzima

That can work, Krisstroff can heal your team and increase their armor. Hades reduces the damage you team takes. Pleakly can really dish out damage.

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