Collecting red skill chips

Can the red skill chips be made available using other methods besides the epic city watch?

Yes, you can buy them for $50.


:joy: that was going to be exactly my reply



One that doesn’t involve real money?

I don’t wanna make a new topic, so taking this one up from the land of the dead.

Anyway, there should be some possibility to limit the roulette.
Like… I want Dash skill chips, yet I got a ton of Randall’s, Violet’s and Jasmine’s and decent amount of (another I want) Simba and Nala’s.

Personally, I’d say that the roulette should be reworked somehow like this:

1st Area cleared:
Slot 1 - chips for a random hero of the 5
Slot 2 - chips for a random hero minus the one in Slot 1
Slot 3 - chips for a random hero not appearing in Slots 1 and 2

2nd Area cleared (if the same Heroes are used in all):
Slot 1 - one of the two Heroes not appearing yet
Slot 2 - the last hero not to appear yet (technically guaranteed drop)
Slot 3 - 2nd random pull of all of the 5 heroes

that might be undesirable if someone wants to farm 1 specific hero’s chips :man_shrugging:

Red skill chips are too RNG.

Another option would be to select the top 3 for the Skill Chips roulette and let only those 3 roll around.

Say I use Dash, Violet, Simba and Nala, Jasmine and Randall.

So I choose the first three, since I want those. Won’t get skill chips for Jasmine or Randall.
If you swap someone in the team you might get chips for replacement character(s) though.

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