Colosseum and guild war crashes

Is PB EVER going to fix the game crashing issue durring Guild Battles and Colosseum Battles?
For the Majority of the times that I start a guild war battle or Colloseum battle, the game will crash and count as a use of one of my BATTLES.

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Sometimes it could be an issue with your device since the game needs alot of space, but I could be wrong.

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I have this issue a lot and every time I get the same response from support that they’re trying to fix the issue. Hopefully we don’t have to wait much longer.

With every update, my device gets affected. It has affected my war, coliseum (I’m now in Silver 1, with 3m team power) and its now affecting Arena. I lose almost all my keys and the 3 tries that go with it…all due to crashing.
Support said to watch forums for fixes and so far nothing has helped. I’m afraid what is going to be affected on next update.
Getting pretty hard to enjoy the game

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Launch pad superman flies into backline in war
Hank and dory jumps outside the map

I expect it’s a difficult issue to track down, and may not even have a single cause but instead may be a consequence of how large and convoluted the code has become. The game doesn’t crash on me enough to be worth reporting to support, but it does happen often enough that I’ve noticed the two times it’s most likely to crash are when first starting (or swapping to a different account, close enough) and when fighting in coli.

It’s a really inconvenient stopgap measure, but until they get the game more stable on your (and others’) device(s), you may want to try to start from the cleanest slate that’s practical whenever you go into coli/war: restart your device, start the game once the restart is finished, then go to coli/war first thing within the game. Maybe that will make the game stable enough to get through whatever attacks you need to make, if you’re lucky.


Yay…a response🙂

Thank you for your response/suggestion/advice. I’ll take it and try it.
This has been ongoing for over 2 years and the frustration grows with every update. I’m a vip14…apparently that doesn’t matter

I’ll post the results here

Sad to report device still crashes. I’ll continue to delete and install weekly ( maybe twice)

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