Community vote suggestions for new hero

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Yeah yeah it might not be guaranteed

Can you please slow down with your posts? Its like your fifth one today.


Sigh I need a bunch of suggestions

Ok I need all of your ideas but first since this is community only we must decide what role it be

  • Damage
  • Control
  • Support
  • Tank

0 voters

I need at least 1 vote for each option i need 20 voters or more before we can move on to character selections

Ok the winner is support ok so I need suggestions so get replying I need 10 suggestions

Ok here is a lot of types of stuff

  • Pete
  • Clarabelle
  • Star from star vs the forces of evil
  • Bill green
  • Alice green
  • Tilly
  • Cricket
  • Chip whistler
  • Nancy green
  • Molly and scratch
  • Summer penguin
  • Milo from Atlantis
  • Lightning McQueen
  • Mater

0 voters

  1. You have made some of these characters already.

  2. You can’t just force the devs to put in characters against their will.

The devs have their own plans and schedules to follow. They’re doing the best they can with the amount of staff they currently have. They’re not going to just drop everything and put in a character that’s not on their schedule. No matter how many people vote. That not how it works.

Besides, these characters are going to have to take a number, character are planned 6 months ahead of time.


Uh this is not my choice this is the community’s choice and mater and summer is tied

Once there is 10 voters I will close the vote

Is that so? In what community does people forcing others to stop their plans they already have made 6 months ago so they could get started on a something completely different.

Like I said, they’re not going to just stop production on what they have planned and worked very hard on for months so they can work on a character people force upon them.

What about the other forumers who didn’t vote? What if the devs were working on a character that other people have wanted for a very long time? Think how sad and angry they’re going to be. Think how inconsiderate you would be.

You want these character in this game so badly? Then, put them on the wish list and wait for patch notes like everybody else.


Ok how about this No more polls and no more doing this on thread

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