Compensation for perks was kind of a joke

@Loutre how does this help the guild any if only the leader gets the consumable perks? And pretty sure we lost a lot more influence then that in the mess

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Not that it’s a great compensation, but everyone gets it, not just the leader


Port reset but they refuse to do port event. :woozy_face:



If they would do triple port compensation would be perfect :wink:

But stil not bad. It’s all the stuff missed out on really


That’s enough guild coins to buy 20 10 guild crates, which is 14 7 million influence; then there’s the consumables, which amount to another 1.35 million influence. Does your guild earn more than 2.5 1.4 million influence every day?

Again, as mentioned above, the consumables amount to well over 1 million influence by themselves. I’ll agree that it would have been better for PerBlue to send players guild influence trophies instead of guild coins, for those newer guilds that haven’t maxed out their perks and would prefer to, you know, actually buy useful perks rather than guild crates, but otherwise I think it’s fair compensation for being unable to use guild perks for six days.

For those unhappy with the compensation: what, exactly, did you want?

[Edit: mis-remembered the number of guild crates purchasable for 1125 guild coins]


Yes and it’s still being sent out. So some people might not see the compensation yet.


Sure it would’ve been nice to get the influence trophies, but this it pretty good. With the influence trophies, we would only benefit with a couple new perks. With this, everyone in our guild gets the bonuses.

Thank goodness for no influence trophies in the competition :joy: we haven’t used them in forever since max out influence everyday. Maybe if better guild perk options were available - the consumable guild crates rewards are generally useless and usually buying 2 a day already…

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