Complete Red Skill Overhaul

This game seriously needs to completely change how we get red skills, because in a lot of cases, I’m not get any.

How many time do I have to take Miguel on an Epic City Watch before I start getting red skill shards? He’s been on 4 epic watches now and the 79 red skill chips he’s got, I bought at the Black Market.

Same with Olaf. Out of my top 5 fighters, his red skill is still stuck at level 29 (the rest are at max red skill level), because no matter how many times I take him on an Epic City Watch, I never get red skill chips for him.

Stuff like this makes me want to stop wasting my time and money playing this game

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I’ve heard it’s unlikely for heroes to get red skill chips if they already have their red skill. (I’m probably wrong) I haven’t done Epic City Watch, but sounds like it’s mostly RNG.

Not true at all. Recently I’ve used Honey Lemon in epic city watch and she didn’t get skill chips until the last wave of my second run.

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Thing is, Miguel doesn’t have his red skill. Can’t unlock it, because I’m never getting any chips. Just completed the fifth epic city watch with him in the team, and again nothing, for either him or Olaf.

Got over 500 chips for Powerline, close to 500 for Scar and Maximus and they’re at max level. And these are the only heroes I got red skill chips for today.

I don’t think it’s as bad as your making out your just getting unlucky.

I recently got honey Lemon and was able to unlock her red skill on the 2nd level of epic city watchand Pulled 2x 70 red skill chips which is already enough to unlock her red skill.

Per blu boosting the amount you get up to 70 red skill chips has helped a lot and if you guild is generous plenty of red skill chip crates to get.

Max Red skills are a long term goal not something that should be instant

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