Comprehensive Heist Guide

Good afternoon (or whatever time it is where you are)!

The Remedy guild of server 22 has compiled a comprehensive heist strategy guide!

This is NOT a weak rewrite of the game instructions. It goes deep into strategy and how to do each role.

It includes who to put on your team, there overall strategy for max tokens, the three roles of the heist, and detailed on how to do all 3 perfectly. It’s almost 30 pages of knowledge to help you, your guild, and the general public get the most out of heists. Read, comment, and tell your friends!

Remedy’s Heist Guide

MUST READ for anyone in a heist! Msg or comment with any questions.

Chief HeiHei
Server 22


Very comprehensive and impressive guide, well done

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Update! Commenting enabled, provide your feedback!

Perfect guide! Now I know what to do! Thanks for the inspiration!

Nice work !!

Thanks! A lot of hours of frustration in public heists went into this :rofl: it’s part of our training materials for all new members. We didn’t want to keep this a secret though. Better heisters everywhere help everyone!

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