[Concept] Lisa Simpson

He isnt even a villian.

There is a seasme street badge, it is the martians badge

Just like Simpsons, Disney didn’t spend $71 billion to don’t call it not part of Disney.
It’s possible to come, but hard, just like Muppets.

2 seasons (so far) + 2 shorts were made under Disney.

And there is going to be a new muppet show on Disney plus next month

See, They had stuff under the Disney name. Also they never said they will not make Muppets in the game.

They are in the Muppets first i think.

Ummm…yes he is…have you even watched a single mr burns centered episode of the simpsons

Yes.i have.dont dought me.

Just because it’s almost certainly never going to happen doesn’t mean people can’t make fun concepts of a character.

This is a pretty good concept all things considered

No one said that people can’t

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I can do Hugo, if that’s ok…

10 characters

Ok, it should be out by tomorrow. Gotta watch Treehouse Of Horror first.

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