Contagious Time: A NEW DHBM Series

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Here is some story I created all by myself. I hope you enjoyed it! :grin:

Plot: There was a city in the internet where creeps and infected innocents ruled the streets. So, an unlikely, uninfected group teams up as they travel back and forth in time to stop what created the Virus, the one who started this disease. Meeting new strangers along the way, the team is willing to do their best to stop the Virus and they creeps to save their infected friends and citizens.

Season 1

Chapter 1: The Falling Sky

There was a dark and empty city. A city lived by infected citizens of the internet. The citizens are the opposite of friendly, they’re unfriendly. Their main goal is to “purge those errors” as they always say. The creeps even took innocent, uninfected citizens to turn them into creeps just like them. But there is still hope on stopping these monsters from ruling the internet.

Drake Mallard, better known as Darkwing Duck, was hanging out with Launchpad while they’re taking a ride in the sky on Launchpad’s airplane.

“Wow, DW,” said Launchpad. “It’s a pretty strange view from up here.”

“Let’s go see what it is,” said Darkwing. “Bring us down, LP!”

And Launchpad stopped his engines.

“No! I don’t mean like that!” Darkwing yelled.

And there goes Launchpad’s airplane, falling down at the speed of sound. And as soon as the plane hits the ground, a huge explosion came across the internet.

“So,” Darkwing grunted as he rubs some dust off his shirt. “Where are we?”

“Let’s go ask that big, red guy over there,” said Launchpad, pointing. “He might know where we are.”

And so, Launchpad and Darkwing came over to see that guy.

“Excuse me,” Darkwing asked to the guy. “Who are you and where are we?”

The guy scanned Darkwing and answered, “Hello. I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion. And it appears that we are in the infected part of the internet. It was ruled by bad guys and creeps.”

“Well, that sound like a job for Darkwing Duck,” Darkwing spoke. “And boy, I’m hungry. Where is the closest restaurant?”

Baymax gave Darkwing and Launchpad a ride to the closest restaurant. In the restaurant, an uninfected chef came to greet them with a rat on top of his head.

“Hi there, I’m Linguini,” the chef said. “And the little chef that’s on top of my head is Remy. He controls what I do through my head. It’s crazy but it’s true!”

Linguini then gave ratatouille to Launchpad and Darkwing so they could eat.

And there is also other uninfected citizens in the restaurant. There was Gonzo feeding his chicken corn Mickey was dancing around with the jukebox’s beat.

“Hello, fellow stranger,” Gonzo greeted Darkwing and Launchpad. “Mickey, Linguini, and I teamed up together because we’re so far the only uninfected members. So, this is pretty much a safe place for us.”

“Well, since there is like six of us, maybe seven for Remy,” said Darkwing. “Maybe we can team up to fight against the creeps.”

“I don’t know about that,” said Gonzo. “But that sounds like a good idea.”

Gonzo walks away to tell Mickey about Darkwing’s plan. So, Mickey is interested on joining the team. Later, everyone, except Linguini and Remy; all came outside of the restaurant.

“Are you coming, Linguini?” Mickey asked.

“Well, I have work to do. Colette might come at any-” Linguini shrugs, but Remy yanks Linguini’s hair to make Linguini move outside. “Let’s do this thing!”

So off they went, with Mickey humming out the song, “Into The Unknown.” And little do they know, the Virus looks down at the new team.

“Well, they think they’re smart enough to stop my creations?” the Virus spoke with its scratchy voice. “I don’t think so.”

And the Virus vanished out of existence.

Chapter 2: The Ugly Duckling

The team headed off in the streets in the dark city as they search for foes.

“I wish Horst was here,” said Linguini. “He can knockout an enemy only using his thumb.”

Then suddenly, a creep had appeared, raising a fist at the team.

“Hey, he looks familiar,” gasped Mickey. “He looks like my friend, Donald!”

“Correct,” Baymax replied. “It appears to be that Donald has been infected and has transformed into a creep.”

“Oh no!” Launchpad gasped. “Mr. Just Dee!”

And this Donald Duck is more furious and angrier than before. This creep is willing to fight, even though he’s fighting his own friends. So, the fight is on. Gonzo hypnotized his chicken so they could attack Donald, Linguini and Remy throws food at Donald, and Darkwing throws smoke to blind Donald. All except Launchpad came to fight Donald.

Suddenly, a mysterious figure came zooming down on a propeller. And that figure grabbed Donald away with the robotic-like arms.

“Who was that?” Mickey asked Baymax.

“I have no data on this stranger.” Baymax said.

“Well, whoever that stranger is, they’re up to no good,” said Darkwing.

And so, the team keeps on searching for more creeps to fight. Donald came back full with rage, but Donald is back to normal instead of being as a creep.

“Mr. Just Dee!” Launchpad cheered. “You’re back!”

“What’s the big idea?” Donald groaned. “And what happened?”

“It appears to be that mysterious figure came to clear the infection from Donald,” Baymax said.

“Maybe the ‘mysterious figure’ might be a scientist like Ludwig Von Drake,” said Donald.

“Maybe,” Mickey replied. “But hey, you’re back, ol’ pal!”

And as Mickey gave Donald a pat on the back, the same mysterious figure who took Donald away earlier came landing in front of the team.

“Greetings, fellow citizens.” the stranger spoke. “I am GIZMODUCK!!!”

“Oh, it’s you…” mumbled Darkwing. “What do you want?”

“Well I was the one who saved Donald’s life there. I cured him by using an experiment I made in a lab. And I also have a surprise for you!” Gizmoduck spoke with pride. “Follow me!”

And the team followed Gizmoduck. And none knew where they’re heading, except Gizmoduck.

Chapter 3: Time Management

Gizmoduck brought the team into a place which appears to be a lab.

“This place reminds me of the Muppet Labs owned by Dr. Bunsen and Beaker,” said Gonzo.

The team went inside the lab and Gizmoduck lead them to a big, silver, cylinder-shaped, elevator-like object with computers and buttons surrounding it.

“This is a time machine. And I built it!” Gizmoduck bragged.

“No, you didn’t,” Darkwing grumbled.

“Yah, you’re right,” frowned Gizmoduck. “But it’s built be intelligent minds. They’re built by help from Gyro Gearloose, Hiro Hamada, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, Beaker, and Jumba Jookiba.”

“Why they’d never tell us about it?” Launchpad asked.

“Because they like to keep it as a secret,” Gizmoduck answered. “Then let’s go to the machine and go to the past to stop what created the Virus!”

The team all went inside of the big machine, with Gonzo bringing his chicken with him. Gizmoduck then switch the lever inside of the machine downwards so they could go to the past. Then lightning bolts strike all over outside of the machine, making it shake.

“Who’s guarding the machine?” Linguini asked.

“It appears to be that the lab is guarded by ten working security cameras,” said Baymax.

“That’s correct BM,” said Gizmoduck as he pressed a red, glowing button. “And off we go!”

And the time machine vanished from the lab then teleported to a city overflowing with creeps.

“Blatherin’ blatherskites!” Gizmoduck shouted, looking shocked. “We’re at the wrong destination. Instead of going to the past, we went to the future!”

“Ah, phooey!” grumbled Donald. “Let’s go back to the time machine then.”

“No, you can’t!” ordered Gizmoduck. “It needs to refresh itself and will work again for about an hour.”

“For now,” said Darkwing. “Let’s fight some bad guys and protect the machine.”

The team positioned themselves near the machine and start fighting off the any creep that’s heading to them.

Chapter 4: New Faces

The big battle had just begun. The team fought till the time machine starts activating again. There were so many creeps all over the city coming over to fight against the team.

“There’s too many of them!” Donald shouted. “I’m not sure if we could fight that many!”

“Relax, Donald,” said Gizmoduck. “We just have about 45 more minutes of fighting till the machine works again.”

Suddenly, three mysterious strangers came to fight against the creeps. One came with a grappling hook, another came with a spear, and another came with glowing discs.

“Who are they?” Linguini asked to Baymax.

“The two appeared to be female while the other appeared to be male,” Baymax replied as he scans the three strangers. “They seemed to be uninfected and are fighting with us.”

So the team with the help of those three strangers continued to fight till there was no more creeps to be seen. The team gathered closer together and stand in position as the strangers walked closer to them.

“Greetings, people,” one of them started. “I am Kida. And the two are my friends Tron and-”

“Do you have any idea on how to make the machine work again instead of the team and I wait for 40 long minutes?” Gizmoduck interrupted. “Because we need to go back to the past to stop what created the Virus.”

“I see,” Tron stated. “I think I know how to help.”

“And so do I,” said the stranger that wasn’t introduced to Kida because Gizmoduck interrupted. “And since you interrupt Kida’s introduction, call me Kim Possible.”

And so, Tron and Kim tried to work the machine again. And for a second, the machine finally works again.

“Thank you for fixing the machine instead of just waiting for like 40 minutes till it works again,” Launchpad thanked.

“Do you like to come with us,” asked Mickey.

“Sure,” the three answered.

So, the team and the new three members: Kida, Kim, and Tron; entered the time machine. And like usual, lightning bolts shakes around the machine. And as the machine vanished out of the empty city, a infected villain named Magica De Spell was watching from above.

“Time travel, huh?” Magica thought to herself out loud. “Better tell my master about that.”

Magica then teleported our of the tall structure my turning into smoke. She then arrived to a doorway to a glitching, dark, castle-like structure. She then laugh viciously.

Chapter 5: It’s The Past

Magica De Spell arrived to the Virus’s lair. The lair is a dark, glitching, castle-like structure with creeps guarding the front door. In the lair has a huge throne where the Virus sits at. Magica appeared to greet the Virus.

“Hello, Virey,” Magica laughed. “I missed you.”

“What do you want?” the Virus questioned Magica.

“I’ve heard that a group of uninfected heroes made a time machine and they planned to stop what created you,” Magica answered.

“Then go,” the Virus ordered. “Teleport back in time where I was created!”

Magica accepted the Virus’s order and brought Megavolt, Madam Mim, and Jafar with her. They then all vanished from the smoke fog that Magica created.

“I hope she knows what time I was created,” the Virus thought. “It’s not that long time ago.”

Meanwhile, the uninfected team in their time machine finally arrived to the past. The destination that they reached to somewhere what appears to be a jungle.

“What’s going on now?” Mickey asked Baymax.

“It seems to be that we finally in the past,” said Baymax. “And just a few hours before the Virus was created. We’re just a few miles away from the Virus’s creation.”

“Where the Virus is created?” Launchpad asked.

“The Virus is created in what appears to be a lab,” Kim Possible calculated, looking at her device.

“Hey,” Gonzo realized. “That’s the same lab that we were in when we first got to the time machine.”

“But the only difference might be that the machine isn’t built yet,” said Linguini.

“Correct,” said Gizmoduck. “And be careful, whatever you do might affect the future.”

Suddenly, out in the jungle, came out two creatures singing.

“Hello, everyone!” said one of the animals as the came up to the team. “I’m Timon and this is Pumbaa.”

“Greetings, you two,” said Gizmoduck. “Do you know where there is a lab?”

“Maybe,” Pumbaa replied. “I think we’d saw one once. Anyone have a map?”

“I have one,” said Tron as he pulls out a digital version of the land they’re in now through his disc.

The team exited out the jungle and off to find their way to the lab. Afterwards, Magica and the villains had appeared from a far distance.

“We’d lost them!” Magica shouted. “Where are they?”

“Relax,” said Jafar. “We could find them.”

“Let’s split up!” Madam Mim said.

The villains split up to search for the team of heroes.

Chapter 6: One Shot At This

The team of uninfected heroes continued to look for where the lab is.

“We just have one more mile left to go,” Kim Possible said.

“My poor feet are tired,” complained Donald.

“Good thing I have a wheel to move instead of feet,” bragged Gizmoduck.

Suddenly, a shooting star-like object came crashing lightly into the ground without causing any impact in front of the team. And out of the sparks came out an old wizard.

“Hello,” the wizard said. “I am Merlin.”

“Greetings, Merlin,” said Mickey. “And hey, since you’re a wizard, can you bring us to where the lab is.”

Tron showed Merlin where the lab is located and Merlin said, “Okay then, off we go!”

With the wave of Merlin’s wand, he magically brought the team to a lab. In the lab, there was no time machine. Instead, there was a huge laser machine along with a huge computer with the Virus’s model on it. Gizmoduck then shoots the machine with his laser. And the rest of the team came to join to destroy the laser and the computer.

“That was fast,” said Darkwing. “Now bring us back to the time machine!”

“I’ll take you there,” Merlin replied. “Show me where-”

“Not so fast!” a loud voice has been heard.

And it was Magica De Spell. She also brought the rest of the villains with her: Jafar, Madam Mim, and Megavolt. With the help of Megavolt, his electricity and Madam Mim’s magic rebuilt the machine and the laser.

“I think you’re too late,” said Jafar.

Merlin then tries to zap the magic to the enemies from his wand but Magica dodged it and the magic came to zap Merlin, making him into a squirrel. Madam Mim then smushed up Merlin’s wand and ate it, transforming her into a fox so she could catch Merlin. Finally, Magica zaps her wand to each team member that’s gonna attack her. Only Darkwing Duck is left.

“Why do you exist,” Darkwing asked the villains angrily.

“Don’t worry,” Magica chuckled. “I just put them in an empty desert where they can’t find each other!”

Darkwing gets out his grappling hook and catches the laser machine to take it with him.

“No!” Magica yelled. “Get that guy who has the laser!”

All of the villains tried but they all smashed into each other.

“Suck gas, evildoers!” Darkwing said as he throws a smoke bomb at the enemies as he disappeared out of the distance.

“Don’t worry, Ms. De Spell,” said Madam Mim. “We’ll get him someday.”

The villains then vanished out of the lab. Meanwhile, Darkwing, while holding the machine in his hands; came upon a desert.

“Great,” he grumbled to himself. “All of my teammates are gone. Now what am I supposed to do?”

“Not all are gone,” a voice said.

Then Merlin appeared next to Darkwing, no longer a squirrel.

“Wait,” Darkwing realized. “I thought they broke your wand and-”

“Well, I escaped,” Merlin replied. “And I have the ability to recreate my wand. Now, I think that we could find the rest of your teammates somewhere and try our best to destroy or keep the villains’ hands away from it.”

So, Darkwing and Merlin continued to walk into the empty desert, hoping that they could hide the machine that created the Virus and find the rest of the teammates.

Season 2

Chapter 1: A Whole New World

Merlin and Darkwing Duck, still having the machine that created the Virus along with them, went off into the empty desert. Then finally, they’d found a village through the dusty sky.

”Hopefully someone in this village knows where to hide this machine,” said Darkwing.

“But only if the villagers are good,” Merlin replied. “They might be helping out with the villains or might find us suspicious.”

“Let’s just check it out,” said Darkwing.

As they reached to the village, they saw some familiar faces. The faces appeared to be some of the teammates that they’d lost. Remy and Linguini were selling their vegetables to the villagers, Gonzo hypnotizing a snake to dance by playing with a flute, Kida observing a crystal store, and Mickey Mouse just wandering the rocky village.

Darkwing came up to Mickey and asked, “Hey, do you remember stopping the machine that created the Virus but Magica zapped you away?”

“Yes,” Mickey answered. “And why did you asked me this question?”

“Making sure if it’s you from the past in their times or the present like ours,” said Darkwing.

“Okay,” Mickey said. “Luckily, six of us had made it to this village.”

“Well, I only see five members in this village, counting you,” Darkwing realized. “Who’s the sixth?”

“WATCH OUT!!!” a voice yelled.

It was Launchpad, hanging tightly on the magic carpet as he came crashing down to the ground, causing sand to explode like a bomb. Luckily, Merlin protected Mickey and Darkwing with a shield of books.

“Sorry for the crash landing,” Launchpad laughed. “And I think my magic carpet was out of control.”

Then Mickey called out the rest of the team members to meet up with Darkwing and Merlin.

“So,” Darkwing started, holding the machine that created the Virus. “Do you all remember this machine?”

The team all nodded and Darkwing continued, “Do you know any of you guys know how or where we could get rid of this machine?”

“We could just bury it in the sand,” said Launchpad.

“No,” said Kida. “The wind might push away the sand to reveal the machine and the villains might notice.”

“How about vanishing it with your wand, Merlin?” Linguini asked to Merlin.

“My wand doesn’t work for vanishing objects out of existence,” Merlin answered. “But my wand can make the machine into an animal as a disguise.”

And with the wave of Merlin’s wand, he transformed the machine into a squirrel.

“Now it’s my pet,” Merlin said as he place the squirrel in his shoulder.

“Now the villains won’t notice where the machine is now,” Launchpad chuckled.

“Do any of you guys know where is the rest of our teammates,” Kida asked.

“Well, I called Kim from my phone and he said that she, Gizmo, Baymax, Tron, Timon, and Pumbaa landing in what they think is a ‘lab’ and they’re now willing to find us with Kim’s kimmunicator.”

“Well, that’s nice,” said Darkwing. “They could go back to find us to we can go back in the lab to rebuild the time machine and get out of here.”

And so, the half of the team continued to look around the village and stayed alert for any encounters till they found the rest of their teammates.

Chapter 2: Past Changes The Future

In the future time, Magica and her team of infected villains arrived to where the Virus’s lair to tell what had happened. However, the Virus’s lair wasn’t there.

“Wait a sec!” Magica shouted. “We arrived at the same place where our master’s castle is but it’s gone!”

“You know that whatever happens in the past can change the future,” Jafar spoke.

“What are we supposed to do now?” Madam Mim questioned. “We don’t know where the team of uninflected jerks are because you vanish them with your wand and another got away with the machine that created our master!”

“Well let’s go back to the past where these uninflected creeps are and get our master back,” Magica shouted.

“I love that plan,” Megavolt said. “Let’s do it.”

Magica teleported her team to the past. And then Magica decided to clone the machine. But, with the wave of her wand, a red spaceship arrived and a blue koala-like alien came to broke Magica’s wand to pieces. The villains surprisingly stared down at the ground.

“WHY???” Magica sobbed as she kneeled down and pounded her fist in the ground.

“Now what?” Jafar asked Magica.

“Let’s split up and look for the uninflected team instead,” Magica groaned.

Before the villains split up, two strangers came by. Both are uninfected. There was a dark Hun and a guy with Jimmy Neutron-like hair.

“Well, it’s your supervillain, Syndrome,” one of them spoke. “And that one aside me is Shan Yu.”

“Look, Magica,” Madam Mim told Magica. “More villains arrived. But they appeared uninfected.”

“Well, come with us,” Magica said. “And I will tell you my plan.”

With Shan Yu and Syndrome on their side. They both don’t know what going on. So Magica told her plan, to stop those heroes from moving on.

Chapter 3: “Bee”ing Rich

The remaining uninfected heroes continued to wander around the deserted village, waiting for the rest of their teammates to arrive. And finally, Donald, Kim Possible, Baymax, Gizmo, Tron, Timon, and Pumbaa arrived.

“Glad to see you all again,” Gonzo greeted as his chicken clucks with joy.

“Us, too,” Gizmoduck replied. “And while we’re on our walk, we met a couple of new people.”

And as Darkwing, Launchpad, Linguini, Mickey, Kida, and Merlin came to meet up with the rest of their teammates. Gizmoduck introduced some of the new people he encountered. There was a duck, yellow bear, a tiger, a gargoyle, a girl, and a small dragon.

“So this is my friend Scrooge McDuck, there’s Winnie the Pooh, there’s Tigger, this is Goliath, and there is Mulan and Mushu,” Gizmoduck said.

“So happy to see more members joining our team,” said Darkwing. “But I think we’d have enough teammates already.”

“Nice to see you, Launchpad,” said Scrooge.

“Me, too,” said Launchpad. “But just to say that this is me in the future, so you might be seeing two of me when another Launchpad arrived.”

Scrooge got puzzled but Darkwing told Scrooge and his new teammates about what is happening and about capturing the machine that created the Virus.

“But the more teammates, the better of solving the problem,” said Kim Possible.

“It also helps us to build a bigger army,” Mulan added.

“Great to find new friends,” Pooh said.

The entire team continues to have fun and talking to one another till the day turns to night.

“I had located a lab where there is all of the materials that build up the time machine,” Baymax said.

“Well, what do you know?” Mickey said. “We’ll be home in no time!”

“The machine that created the Virus is now a squirrel,” Merlin informed his teammates, with a squirrel next to his shoulder.

“Uh, hopefully we don’t stay in the village longer,” said Timon. “Jasmine’s guards might come because the village doesn’t want any mysterious tourists.”

“Okay then let’s go,” said Scrooge.

The team followed Baymax to find the lab, and out of the village they go. But teammates like Pooh, Tigger, Goliath, Mulan, and Mushu don’t know what is happening. But the others know, is hoping to be home on time.

Chapter 4: Star Encounter

Coming Soon!

Chapter 5: ???

Coming Soon!

More chapters coming soon…



  • Darkwing Duck :crescent_moon: (Dimension: Darkwing Duck, Status: Not Infected)
  • Launchpad McQuack :small_airplane: (Dimension: DuckTales and sometimes Darkwing Duck, Status: Not Infected)
  • Baymax :lollipop: (Dimesion: Big Hero 6, Status: Not Infected)
  • Gonzo the Great :chicken: (Dimension: The Muppets, Status: Not Infected)
  • Linguini and Remy :baguette_bread: (Dimension: Ratatouille, Status: Not Infected)
  • Mickey Mouse :sparkles: (Dimension: Mickey Mouse and Friends, Status: Not Infected)


  • Donald Duck :rage: (Dimension: Mickey Mouse and Friends and sometimes DuckTales, Status: Infected but later cured)
  • Gizmoduck :trumpet: (Dimension: DuckTales and sometimes Darkwing Duck, Status: Not Infected)
  • Kim Possible :iphone: (Dimension: Kim Possible, Status: Not Infected)
  • Kida Nedakh :gem: (Dimension: Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Staus: Not Infected)
  • Tron :computer: (Dimension: Tron, Status: Not Infected)
  • Timon and Pumbaa :bug: (Dimension: The Lion King, Status: Not Infected)
  • Merlin :chipmunk: (Dimension: The Sword In The Stone, Status: Not Infected)
  • Scrooge McDuck :dollar: (Dimension: DuckTales, Status: Not Infected)
  • Winnie The Pooh :honey_pot: (Dimension: Winnie the Pooh, Status: Not Infected)
  • Tigger :smile: (Dimension: Winnie the Pooh, Status: Not Infected)
  • Goliath :night_with_stars: (Dimension: Gargoyles, Status: Not Infected)
  • Fa Mulan :dagger: (Dimension: Mulan, Status: Not Infected)
  • Mushu :fire: (Dimension: Mulan, Status: Not Infected)

Coming Soon!

  • “Koala-Like Alien” :flying_saucer: (Dimension: ???, Status: ???)
  • ??? :microphone: (Dimension: ???, Status: ???)
  • ??? :rainbow: (Dimension: ???, Status: ???)


  • The Virus :microbe: (Dimension: The Internet, Status: Leader Of Creeps)
  • Magica De Spell :new_moon: (Dimension: DuckTales, Status: Infected)
  • Megavolt :battery: (Dimension: Darkwing Duck, Status: Infected)
  • Madam Mim :broom: (Dimension: The Sword In The Stone, Status: Infected)
  • Jafar :tornado: (Dimension: Aladdin, Status: Infected)
  • Syndrome :man_superhero: (Dimension: The Incredibles, Status: Not Infected but willing to help the Infected villains)
  • Shan Yu :eagle: (Dimension: Mulan, Status: Not Infected but willing to help the Infected villains)

More characters coming soon!

Mentioned: Colette Tatou, Horst, Ludwig Von Drake, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, Beaker, Gyro Gearloose, Hiro Hamada, Jumba Jookiba, Jasmine.



Chapter 4 and 5 is out and new characters revealed!

Thoughts or suggestions are welcomed!

This story is awesome so far!!!



Chapter 6, the last chapter of Season 1 is out!

I’m planning to release Season 2 somewhere in January.

This isn’t a hero concept…

Sorry for the revival. But I’m planning to release the first two chapters of Season 2 soon because I finished writing down the story! (Hoping this weekend)

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Sorry for the revival… but I wanted to know if you just forgot… about this? Lol

No, I’m continued to plan the story for Season 2. But making the first episode of this season now. :wink:

And finally released!

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That’s great!

Nice story!

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  • Season 2: Chapters 2 and 3 released
  • New characters (and villains)
  • Removed Goofy from the story cause can lol

Maybe make his disappearance part of the story?

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Or make G**fy a villain and then let him disappear preferably forever lol


Well, thanks for ideas. Goofy might end up being an infected creep.

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