Contest Badge Rewards

Ok, I’ve been very patient with this despite the last few weeks having rather poor rewards, but it’s gotten to the point where a post seems appropriate.

Do the Live Ops team actually play the game or know much about it? It honestly feels like they just pick badges out of a hat for each contest, I can’t think why else we keep getting these very abundant badges as rewards. In DS they were often labelled with the unfortunate nicknames ‘Fail Ops’, ‘Dead Ops’, ‘Live Flops’ etc… I don’t want that to become the case here too. :frowning:

I can’t remember ever needing Air Hercs desperately, or the star thing really - even when they were freshly required, they were readily available in Trials. This isn’t something achieved through paying, this is from a VIP 5.

If these are in fact aimed at beginners, that doesn’t make a lot of sense as on S3 the majority of the playerbase are surely well past that point.

I just don’t understand the direction that contest rewards have taken, offering these largely useless badges each week with maybe 3 useful ones thrown in.

I understand that complaining about rewards is a bit of a first world problem, but these could genuinely be removed completely and it wouldn’t have any impact on most active players in the contest. If badges are to be offered, they should be much more valuable ones.



What bothers me the most is they’re trying to make us spend all the stamina we have before they have a level cap increase next week. This is burning me out deeply. Hopefully it will be my last drop. I did spend alot of money but my time is more precious than a game that is only thinking about filling there pockets ( it’s also normal to be hungry for money, that’s why they created this game).

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The badges on my server this time are ok… I’m just still confused at why, again, we are getting Quorra bits. Second time in like a month and she’s just not that useful to invest time to get 30 bits for her.