Contest is not working correctly (cosmetic points are not counting)

So the contest has started for my server and I noticed we need Cosmetic points so I checked my hero avatars and found a set that only needed 1 more avatar to unlock.

I found that avatar challenge and spent 200 diamonds to unlock it. I completed the challenge and went to my cosmetic set and claimed the set unlock and got my cosmetic points.

Checked my contest score and I have no cosmetic points added to my score ?

Am I missing something or is this not working correctly? ( I would like my cosmetic points back please so I can use them in this contest please)


I’m guessing my server is the only server with the contest running at the moment with the lack of replies.

Hopefully people have read this and don’t waste resources

I took a screenshot of my current collection points to verify when contest starts. Thanks for the heads up

We’ve confirmed this and are looking into how to fix it.

Thanks hopefully can be fixed

There are now 2 tasks for earning cosmetic points. One is for dupe points from opening crates and the other is for completing collections. The team is working on awarding points for completed collection from before we made this fix.

Can I know which is which, please?
The wording is the same.

I’ve completed weekly challenge (Power Run) sometime AFTER I saw the announcement and didn’t earn any points for the dupe :frowning_face:

We haven’t awarded the points yet for the collection complete task yet. It’s taking a little dev work to add those in.

So it’s safe for me to complete other collections now ? I just competed another one and have it waiting to redeem ?

If you see the 2 tasks for cosmetic points then yes, you can collect them.

So did we get these points or not ? Not sure I have noticed anything ?

still nothing …
support ghosting me and said all was awarning …
we need an update, people spend money (i did) on cosmetics crates just for the contest.

can you assure people who spend money that it will be fixed before the end of contest ?

so 40min before the end and still no answer !!!
is it for real ?
inexistant support !

I am playing on S18, but for me everything seems to be in order.

you’re unlikely to get a reply from either support or the forums on the weekend unless there’s some huge game-breaking issue :man_shrugging:

yes after they add the new task it was working obviously …
but i didnt receive the one I earned before they added it …
as i’m fighting for top 5 it can play a huge difference for reward

Epic city watch seems to be the best source for points though. Not sure how easy it would be to get to a high rank with cosmetics?

because i already have many points for cw and the top is close.

  • completing collection can up to some good points

Good luck to you!! I hope you’ll manage to stay in the top ranks (:

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