Contest List (updated 23-November-2021)

Here it is, I just added the opening diamond crates contest, last one on June 22, 2020

For now, i put it under One-Off/Special Contest, since the title City Tour Contest was never repeated

There was a contest where the points are earned by:

  • Win Arena Battle
  • Win City Watch Battle with Jack Sparrow, Tia Dalma, or Barbossa
  • Open 1 Diamond Crate
  • Open 10x Diamond Crate

However, I don’t know when and what the title of this contest

I’m still digging on my notes and adding older contest details, and now the details for individual contests is up from May 2020

If any have any details about 13/4/2020 - Digital Togetherness Contest ? I seem to have no Notes about this contest

I do actually. That was a Fortify. It was renamed as part of the post-lockdown pandemic event. It may have had one additional scoring mechanism but I’m not sure.

Found this on YouTube:

Find friend XP



Thanks @soosuxx

Added the info to the top post.

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A kind of new contest emerged: badge bit collector, but in solo instead of guild mode.

Which might mean three weeks of spending stamina in contests ahead… :fearful:


Or just spend enough to get all the progress rewards, and leave the rank rewards to the whales.


No contest for server 23?

Welcome to the forums!

Server 23 and 24 won’t have contests for a while considering they were opened two days ago.

Added the new Badge Bit Solo Contest to the list.

Seems like they have added new contests and rearrange the pattern a little bit in the past few weeks. Makes it harder to predict next contest.


And it makes it harder to participate as F2P :sweat:


Great topic, please keep updating. :smiley:

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thanks, I just updated the latest contest info

however, it’s getting more and more difficult to predict in the last few weeks due to the change in the pattern

So we now have a new Guild Contest this week

While I’m happy that we have a new contest variation and new hero chip reward (Swedish Chef yay!), having this contest during Week 4 of Arena/Coliseum Challenger season is making it difficult for some of us. In my opinion, Week 4 is often the most competitive and the most difficult one. I wish that this kind of contest that relies heavily on Arena/Coliseum performance are hold during Week 1-2, or even Week 3.


The competitive aspect of Challengers is especially intense. Most of your bracket is unlikely to lower their defenses and help out score.

Yeah, especially when one of the point gains requires us to use a hero who will not help at all in any battles against the strongest teams, which are likely to be the opponents in week 4.

It’s basically FTN in disguise, anyway - whoever can spam the most diamonds on attacks will win :upside_down_face:

In my case, spamming diamonds won’t help at all, I got lucky in Week 3 and get into Tier 3 in both Arena and Coliseum despite not being the strongest in the previous Tiers, and now I’m outpowered by absolutely everyone in my bracket.

I’m 2M behind the next weakest in Coli and 1M behind the next weakest in Arena. It would take a miracle for me to register just 1 win but I’m not complaining since I enjoy the daily diamonds and tokens rewards in Tier 3, but it sucks not to be able to contribute to my Guild in this contest.

Those are not insurmountable margins; with the right combination of heroes I bet you could find someone you could beat in each mode. You probably won’t get very far in the standings, but you could at least rack up some points for your guild.

On the one hand, I would rather this contest have taken place during the first two weeks, when I would have found it easier to win against multiple opponents; on the other hand, for players who just barely joined Challengers over the past few months and are in the bottom 10% in terms of team power, this week may be the only week they have someone in their bracket that they can beat. :man_shrugging: At least it’s a guild contest, so you’re not personally screwed if you’re in an impossible bracket.

People have dropped defences to 1 hero in my server. Division 1 probably wont. I’m division 2 and a few have done so

I suppose that is one advantage of having the contest in week 4 - people are much more likely to be willing to drop defences, when there’s no promotion on the line

Division II in arena, III in coli, server 2, no one’s lowered defenses yet in my brackets. Same for my secondary account, division IV in arena, a different bracket in III in coli.

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