Contest rewards, everything has a price with PB

So, let me preface this post with I am what many will refer to as a “wallet warrior”. I am vip 18, I have spent more money on this game than any rationale person should. I’m lucky enough though to have a job that provides me that ability.

That said though, 99% of what money can buy you in this game is just a way to level faster, cap your toons, and be able to make use to fully badged and enhanced toons withoit waiting months to do so. It has allowed me to stay near top of the pack, and ultimately had no real bearing on the game as it still came down to know how to use your toons together in order to be effective.

Enter invasion. We finally got a way to set our toons apart. You could have a fully leveled and enhanced toon that was different that another. Augment their skill power, basic damage, health. Add on some extra skill levels or some skill power. Even add extra armor. You could make your toons unique. And, if you invested participating in invasion to get 1st individually and as a guild, you could essentially make your toons even harder to beat.

Now, the 1st place rewards arent a ton, 100k each. But thay 100k allows you to get 3 or 4 levels on a high end mod. These was a sense of accomplishment coming in first invasion, and it was earned and couldnt be bought. Sure, thay have had some mod power deals, but everyone has the chance to get the exact same thing. They have also had contests where the up to 1m points offered mod power as a reward. Again, something everyone had a chance to get.

This contest though, 2mil mod power for the person with the deepest pockets. How is this even remotely fair. Since invasion was released i have never not come in top 5. I have earned, or had eqaul opptunity to buy, the same amount of mod power as everyone. Now, a contest is offered where the 1st place person gets 20 weeks of 1st place wins without earning it.

This to me shows gross negligence from PB. It shows that any modicum of care they had towards some level of competitiveness doesn’t exist, and they only care about people willing to plunk down hundreds even thousands of dollars.

PB has lost my support until they can start showing they care at least to some degree about having an area ofnthe game that needs to be earned and not simply bought.

@Polaris maybe sit down with the developers. Decision makers, and anyone else there, and express to them thay some things should be earned.

-Daitka (Current Highest power on server 10, 13 time 1st place invasion winner)


Couldn’t agree more Daitka.


Soooooo the amount of money YOURE willing to spend to get the big advantage over most of us plebs is ok. However when someone comes along and is able to spend even more than you and… gasp… jumps ahead of you because of it, its not fair…



Kestler please stop. They have a great point that even when you empty your darn life savings for a contest…you just never win. And then some lame guy moseys on over and steals the win and goes like nothing ever happened. It ISN’T fair.

The point you’ve made is perfect. Contests are a disgusting facet of the game that cause grief to everyone. The 5%-top 1 rewards need to see a bigger nerf than Invasion received.

I know right! I think top 50% at Least should get some chips and the border! Cause this is just snatched from everyone who is F2P at this point!

I agree. Everything outside of invasion is more or less about getting toons leveled and badged up, and can be done daily with just a few button presses, especially things you can use raid tickets for. Extra resources or chips just allow players to max out heroes faster than others, and money spent usually just means more resources for the eight now.

Invasion, however, takes a lot of work and a lot of thinking in order to get as far as you can each week. Not just for top players who get highest ranks but for everyone who wants to complete as many many tiers as possible they can.

The mod power rewards are pretty meek, and there isn’t a huge gap between a good player and an elite player. However contests like this that reward not only a fully starred hero but enough mod power to equal 20 weeks of hard work are obscene.


Lol this whole game model is pretty much pay to win. Even invasion offers a benefit to those willing to spend diamonds. You all are making the basic argument that pay to win is bad, but only so far as saying its bad up to the point you’re NOT willing to pay. You dont think the total ftp players think any pay to win is “not fair”.

Full disclosure I’m fully a free player, never spent a cent. I just think its humorous that a self described “wallet warrior” is upset because basically someone out spends him and that not fair to him.



Kestler, what I find humorous, is that you fail at basic reading comprehension. Soending money is not what im saying isnt fair. The point i am making is there are some things money shouldn’t be able to by. But, continue with your FTP mentality that people who do spend are cry babies if someone out spends them. Truth of the matter, if it werent for the spenders, this game wouldnt exist.

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Right, ok you only want what you want to be a cash game… Hopefully Perblue will consult with you directly from here on out on which things you’d like to be able to buy and which you want to earn.

I never whined about the spenders btw, I’m ok with the people who spend getting benefits. Just like I’m cool with people who pay crazy rates for a first class plane ticket getting preferred treatment. If they are willing to pay they deserve it. But it would be silly if 1st class passengers complained about an ULTRA first class that went to the highest bidders that they couldn’t quite get to.

Thank you for the free game btw for that I’m honestly grateful. You’re my hero!

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I wish I could give this comment more hearts. Such a perfect way to describe the horribly unbalanced way the game has been for the last year.


…thats deep bro

I was never arguing weather or not pay to win is good or bad. I was simply pointing out the irony of someone PAYING to win complaining that the game has become too pay to win even for him.

The Yankees dont get to spend the most each year , then cry no fair when the Red Sox out spend them the next year, or maybe more apt make a huge payment to land a Japanese pitcher(who didn’t work out).

Oh and this game IS pretty much pay to win, a FTP can not compete with paid players. Would I like a totally level playing field based on skill and maybe a lil luck? Sure, but that is not this game, nor is it the model of almost any mobile game I play.


Oh btw it’s not Perblue that’s my hero it’s all the wallet warriors or whales that allow me to enjoy the same game for free… just at a slower pace. The journey is the fun, not so much the point when you get to the top of the mountain, especially when you didn’t climb hut had a copter drop you there. That’s just my opinion though, please everyone spend away!


Now that? That’s funny.


Lemme bring something else up thats somewhat on topic. More specifically the problem this game has with dolphins or people who spend a fair amount per month (25$-100$).
Per Blue, please think about this. This game is not really all for p2w players. If anyone wanted to spend lets say 1k per week on this game. You all limit mods available to 4 per week outside of the occasional deal. There is no way, until this last contest, to buy mod power. For the last month or so deals have gotten severely less bang for your buck.
Handcuffing players that are willing to spend on good deals and holding mods, mod power, stamina buys, hostage is only going to make any player not in the top 25 in power stop spending entirely and if left unaddressed, find another game who is willing to give fair value for their hard earned cash.
I personally am disgusted with the fact that for the past 2months or so i have had available funds to go a little crazy spending on the game but i am not going to get ripped off on deals with weak value and not being able to purchase the things i really want. No good business tells their customers what they can and cant buy from them. If someone is willing to give you $$$, you should be willing to give them what they desire for it. This idea of giving crappy deals and trying to force ppl to buy them because its that or nothing MIGHT work for those wallet warriors that are going to do damn near anything ti stay at or near the top, but its destroying the rest of our fun. This game shows no shame in being p2w and thats totally fine but stop holding mods hostage and nerfing deals and progression. I mean if i wanna drop 100$ a day then I should feel like i got my moneys worth and i shpuld get extra gameplay from it. 50$ deals that only offer hero chips and a couple of mods along with some disk power like the recent miss piggy and hdl deals, are like here we’ll take your fifty and five minutes later you will have nothing to do in game.
Please please find a way to allow the spending to be fully rewarded not leaving spenders feeling slighted. I love this game BUT, and I know i am not the only one, if something isnt done about the shadiness thats so obvious, then i will find another game to give my money to.


@Polaris i. Please address the reasoning behind-the-scenes

Totally agree. During all summer we had great deals… i remember some top deals like:
550 stamina refill for 9.99
100 chips(sign in hero) + 2mods + 100+ crates + 100+ stamina for 9.99
55 10x crates items for 4.99
And so on…

Now we can get 800 single crates for 19.99 or 200/250 stamina refill + some rid tix for 10 … so people is not spending. Is like going to restaurant many times during summer and eat good stuff for 20bucks, then u go there again after 15th of september and you see that meals contain half stuff or that food is crappy… u will not go back again right? So if 30days go i could get 1100 stamina refill for 19.99 (550x9.99 2 purchase) or 165 10x crates items (550 10x at 4.99 with 3 purchase) why i should buy now half or even much more less for same price or even an higher price?i ve spent a lot in summer cause some deals were just too good to pass. Now i am not spendin due to crppy deals even if i would like to buy stamina or disk powa…cause if with any new level cap increase u dont have an inventory full of stamina refill and disk power you will not be able to remain competitve at high level, but same time i cant buy 200 refill for 9,99 cause to get some K refill i should spend many hundreds € and its just too much.

I wish I had the money like some to but it just doesn’t work that way

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