Contest start time changed

Why did the contest start time change on Server 18? It usually starts at 10am EST but as of this most recent contest it won’t start until 4pm EST.

Did this happen to anyone on other servers?


This must be a bug

Most noticed yesterday, but there are a few that didn’t and started grinding on contest. Now they are ticked off.

I was one of those people, I was spamming elite campaign and realized when I didn’t get progress rewards.

Also hi sticky


I would like a free 6* hero, and 5k clocks, a side of 1k stam pots. And 100k memory tokens for desert. Bad move perblue. On a FtN contest on top of it.
Hey Candy, look. Buns is here!

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Hm, on my server timing is the same.

Seriously they reward unobservant people? Whatever, not my business (insert Kermit meme here)

If you did not pay enough attention to notice this, then it is your own fault, not Perblue’s.

But I guess they don’t see it that way or they wouldn’t have refunded it…

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I’m mostly curious why there was a random change. And only to our server.

Also wondering this. Was it only on 18? Is there any explanation of why?

I bought 10 diamond crates and did a bunch or elite campaigns before I realized that the start time had changed. It’s been consistent for so long… a 6 hour delay should be in a dedicated announcement or something.

@Polaris Will this continue to be the new contest start time for Server 18 or was this a bug?

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