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Oh ok thank god.


Did you not read the Original post?

  • If You Want To Use An Existing Concept You Have Made, You Can Copy And Paste It To Here

No offense but because this is online that sounded rude

What did? If I did something I’m sorry

Do not call my Contest bad! That is not nice at all! You are no longer a judge nor a friend

I’ll make sure to hate on something you post in the near future

Yes we need to, and thank you :blush: @Timelesss

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Can we put gifs in our concept?


I’m not in the planning of this concept contest however. Making your concept fancy aka look good with pictures & gif’s would be enhancing them in my opinion.

But hey who am I?

A person lol

I think GIFs are allowed


Yes gifs are allowed, and the better your concept looks the more fun it will be to read

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Lighting mcqueen F0F40815-10B6-49BD-B307-3A915A6936A6

Role damage

Basic attack mcqueen will bump at the enemies and stun them for 5 seconds

White skill faster than fast mcqueen will drive around the enemis enemies fast doing fantastic damage and stun for 8 seconds

Green skill kachow mcqueen will use his stickers to blind enemies 9 seconds

Blue skill the big jump mcqueen will do stunt like in the first movie doing fatastic damage and charming all off the enemies for 10 seconds

Purple skill doc huston s techniqs this skill boost mcqueen and allies s attack power and speed for 6 seconds

Red skill will grant him imunne to debuffs and disables

Friendships shank and duke caboom

In the shank friendship campigan mcqueen and shank doing friendly race but horde off creeps trying to ruin to race so both fighting the creeps this disc will boost the green skill s blind by 2 seconds per star and will give skill power as well it will shred the enemies s reailty as well

Duke caboom hearing on the stunts mcqueen can do and mcqueen showing the stunt he done in the race which ended in triple tie this disc will boost the damage taken from the white and blue skill and buffing the effcts stuns and charms by 2 seconds per star
Qoute speed i am speed
Enternce mcqueen will be shown going out off mac

Deafeat mcqueen will fall into cactus

Victory mcqueen will move fast in circels

Team trial color red

If you think i need to improve my concept just reply if something seems wrong or bad with the concept

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Thank you for your Submission :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope my Syndrome concept does well

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Image added


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Shouldn’t the Lighting McQueen concept by @Pika95 have a picture?

Just saying because I would hate for it to be disqualified for not having a picture. :slight_smile:

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You had posted this previously.

Maybe @Pika95 didn’t realize he had to have a picture on his concept. :slight_smile:

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Yes it must @Pika95 I did not notice that I had to say that again, but yes it is supposed to have a picture and here is one if ya need it…


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Is my concept disqualified for not having picture?
I dont know how to add picture to concepts can you explain how to add picture to concept?
Did you liked my concept ?

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