Control Hero Guide (PART 2)

Update: completed Frozone’s overview!

Update: completed Gaston’s overview!

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Yax is best paired with Finnick (Ju) for Novice players (I think TL50 below) because the additional takes effect immediately at the start of the battle. Also, the slow power up in Invasion works really well for Finnick.

For Mad Hatter, I thought he was only immune to debuffs, and not disables? Or does debuff encompass disables as well?

I would say just to debuffs as that is what the ability says whereas with anger it states immune to disables. So Mad Hatter is immune to debuffs and NOT disables. I’m sure Aurora will put that in Mad Hatters section when they get to it though so be patient and look forward to it!

I get that there’s a supposed to be a distinction between “debuffs” and “disables”, but the game doesn’t actually tell you certain things.

The Mad Hatter’s skill “Oblivious” can also block disables, which means he cannot he frozen, stunned, or charmed. If you’ve seen him getting frozen or just disabled in general, that’s because he is getting hit by skills that exceed the current level of his “Oblivious”. For example, a Frozone with a level 135 “Stay Frosty” can freeze a Mad Hatter with only a level 100 “Oblivious”.

Yes, really. I checked.


That sucks. The distinction is cleared in Kevin case, as he is affected by slow and Hex. Then again, some invincibility has disable immunity, while others don’t, so it isn’t out of the question.

Update: Genie’s overview complete!

He is underrated, but he can be made useful in specific circumstances so check it out!


Blue Invasion is exactly the reason I’m glad my Genie is decently leveled. I would still much prefer to use Woody in Boss fights instead. But alas, my screaming about Woody’s Lasso working on bots FOR SOME REASON was fruitless xD (I asked to change it so it would stop lassoing freaking bots into the middle of the player’s squishies.)

If you are after speed, you can replace Woody for Animal or Duke Caboom! You won’t need Woody’s Buzz disk that much because Genie’s energy is just enough.

I really enjoy using Hiro in my team. He literally carries a decoy tank with him. Which gives my heroes more time 2 fight back. Can’t wait 4 the Hiro guide.

The microbot hiro carries definitely is useful in certain situations in the game

Oh! I actually did a small section on that head-scratcher a while back on my Fairy Godmother build! I hope it helps clear the confusion.

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Oh I thought that Slow falls under debuff, since it works in Breaker fights where enemies are immune to disables.

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Ah! You’re right :exploding_head::dizzy_face: I was rereading my post after I saw your post, and realized that Past Me messed up :laughing: I’ll go fix it

Edit: Fixed!

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Disable: when a negative status effect directly affects a character’s ability to make a move or how they attack. Stun, Freeze, Charm, Blind, Silence are Disables.

Debuff: when a negative status effect directly affects a character’s stats to make them weaker, less effective, or more vulnerable to damage. Slow, Curse, Armor Shred, Reality Shred, Scare, Study are Debuffs.

Discrepancies: Some skills have their own unique set of rules. Ursula’s Hex cause a stun if the affected targets attempt to use their white skills. Otherwise, if they don’t use White Skills, or Hex expires, there will be no stun. Kevin, Hatter, and Anger will NOT be stunned by Hex, but their energy will still deplete to zero. Kevin’s “Admin Privileges” and “Sweet Glitch” cannot block debuffs. Anger’s “Anger Management” cannot block debuffs. Mad Hatter’s “Oblivious” can block disables and debuffs (really, he can). Characters with Tenacity can reduce how long they are affected by disables and debuffs. Characters with Evasion can avoid disables but cannot avoid debuffs. Kevin’s “Power Cleanse” can remove disables, debuffs, and damage over time (burns and poison).

Disable Effects:

  • Stun: characters are unable to move for a specific amount of time. When the stun occurs, any action a character was doing will be completely interrupted.

  • Freeze: characters are also unable to move for a specific amount of time. When a freeze occurs, any action a character was doing will be paused but will resume again once the freeze wears off.

  • Charm: characters affected will attack their own teammates; affected targets may use their regular attacks and skills against their team, but they cannot use White Skills. If the affected target has no more teammates to attack, they simply will not move until the charm wears off.

  • Blind: characters are unable to connect regular attacks. Skills are unaffected, and therefore can still make a hit.

  • Silence: characters are unable to use any of their skills and are only limited to regular attacks.


Actually, silence prevents enemies to use ALL skills

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Update: Hiro’s overview completed!

I really think Genie should be classed as support.

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