Control Hero Guide (Part 3)

Ok the overview makes me think I should work of the trio, but I don’t have much XP juice. Build wait to see the Jafar overview as well.

Update: completed Jafar’s overview!


Did anyone tell you that it got decreased to 300? If not, well it did.

Update: completed The Mad Hatter’s overview!

It should come as no surprise that Jasmine is getting skipped for now. It will take a little while for me to fully understand how she works, so until then, she will remain blank for now. As soon as I’m done with investing in her and experimenting with her potential, she will get her overview.


Immunity also has a chance to fail for the Mad Hatter

Please read here.

He he! You know. It’s just a reminder

Why’d you put “Summary” for Maleficent instead of “Overview”?

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. . . Simple mistake? I don’t think it matters.

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Oh no I only just noticed it since you pointed it out and now i am slightly triggered.

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About Jafar, “Snake Charmer” works even longer if Jafar is slowed. It would be a good use out of Jafar.


Loving these guides!

Extremely helpful!

Wouldn’t Ursula be a good counter for Mad Hatter as well? Her Hex can affect him, and he isn’t immune to the energy steal. The knock back also remove the front line, exposing Mad Hatter to the enemies. “Something for Nothing” is okay at denying Mad Hatter’s team snowball options, though not worth mentioning.

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Why is Ursula(usually) a counter to most heroes


Hex??? (I don’t play with Ursula that much)

Also…i didn’t know jafar had counters (cough cough) scar disk (cough cough)

Yax is the only known counter

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Didn’t they patched that???

Patch what?

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