Cosmetics Collections Preview!

Cosmetics Collections

You can now see all of your Emojis, Avatars, Avatar Borders, and Costumes together in one place - the new Cosmetic Collections. Located within Collections, Cosmetic Collections allow you to complete Sets of cosmetics and gain rewards that permanently power up your heroes!

How do Cosmetic Collections work?

Cosmetics are categorized by type and further grouped into Sets, which can be completed for rewards.

Completing a Cosmetic Set will grant you a consumable reward such as hero shards or a Crate, plus Reward Level points. These level up points increase your Cosmetics Rewards level and give all of your heroes bonuses.

Collect Cosmetics to increase your Rewards Level

Each Cosmetics Rewards level powers up all of your heroes by 1% to a core hero stat (max HP, armor, reality, basic attack, or skill power), and additionally +5% every 20 levels to a powerful stat (attack speed, improved healing, or energy gain).

The new way to get Cosmetics

First of all, you get to keep all of the cosmetics that you’ve earned in the game so far (hero emojis, hero avatars, misc emojis, badge avatars, avatar borders, and costumes).

However, when the feature releases, the new way to obtain most cosmetics will be through Event Crates. This includes cosmetics that were previously unlocked by:

  1. Hero emojis unlocked through Friend Levels
  2. Hero avatars unlocked by upgrading heroes to purple rarity
  3. Badge avatars unlocked by getting heroes to their rarity

New Cosmetics will be even easier to obtain - just open a Cosmetic Crate! You can earn Cosmetic Crates as contest rewards or you can buy them in recurring sales. Any duplicate cosmetics you open will instead grant you Reward Level points that directly increase your Cosmetics Reward Level.


This seems cool!


@Polaris so why is this in Strategies and Guides? Shouldn’t it be in Announcements?


So are you saying we can’t unlock hero avatars when we rank them up to purple rank anymore? :cry:

Yes, that will be true once we release the 1.17 update. So, if you have a favorite hero you’ve been waiting on leveling up, you may want to get that done before the update to unlock under the current system.

We usually put the new features previews here.


This looks great! It will be a fun way to reward activity & participation including contest participa…

Ah, it’s just a new way to monetise.


Feel like this was fine as it was, just reroll the “exclusive” ones every so often in contests. Or have crates that can only give you duplicates (to increase the level), not brand new items.


So with this new system, we will be able to have hero skill icons as avatars, like guilds can?

Cool but not a fan of how to get them :pensive:


Yes, we’re adding those for players and a whole ton more!


Will all the new cosmetics be immediately available to get from the crates, or will they be added systematically?

Also, will the cosmetics that we already own contribute to our cosmetic reward level? As in, upon the feature’s release, will players get rewards for the sets they have already completed?

I read that we get to keep everything we have earned, but Are the rewards retroactive? Or do we have to earn everything all over again, to complete the collection?

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@Polaris, is this collection going to be in the same update as the upcoming characters?

My question is why? This is totally cool and all, excited about it, but why? Why do we have to do a collection-like thing to get the icon? It don’t seem fair.


This affect on opponents in game modes (arena/invasion…)?

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When will this be released?

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We have a big batch that we’re adding now, and we’ll be releasing new ones in future updates.

Yes, you will get rewards for cosmetics you already have unlocked.

In PvP, yes, their cosmetic bonus will apply. You’ll be able to see this in their team information, just like mods and skill levels.

1.17 is currently planned to be released March 30.


This question is answered many times , but now we have this new feature , can we actually have more costumes ? I Really love new costumes


@Polaris did the team changed their minds and are considering adding them in the future because it’s feels weird have a section here for only the ones available currently.

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At this time, unfortunately, we don’t have plans for new costumes. The existing costumes are in the collections, which is why that’s a category.

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