Costume ideas cause I’m bored

Here are some ideas for new costumes…
-Bo peep with her old pink costume from toy story 1 and 2
-Donald, Mickey, and goofy with their three musketeers costumes
-Robin Hood with his disguise costume
-Finnick with his elephant costume
-jack skellington in his “sandy claws” costume
-Buzz Lightyear in his Mrs. Nesbitt costume
-mike and sulley wear their Oozma Kappa costumes from monsters university

These are my only ideas. If there are others feel free to share them…

Scrooge should have his 2017 outfit

That’d be funny, but unfortunately, Buzz would have to lose his arm for that one to work.

What’s even more unfortunate is that it is likely that PB will not be able to continue making alternate costumes for heroes for reasons they explained in the Q&A sessions.


What did they say?


Yes for FINNICK!

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Carrot farmer Judy costume

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Me encanta pero Robin puede tener más tiene el del anciano y la budista

Finnick elephant costume should have bright eyes!


Hiro Hamada should have his suit

Judy Hopps would be great in her plaid/jeans outfit and Finnick would be amazing in that elephant costume.

And after the Superbowl yesterday and Shakira’s costume design, I think that having Gazelle in the game would be a great addition. :smiley:


I’m currently waiting for Hiro in his super suit

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