Costume Threads in Contests!

Hey everyone!

We know many of you are excited about costumes for your heroes, and this weekend’s contests will be your first opportunity to start collecting threads.

We plan to have costume threads for a single hero in the contests all month. So, for December, you’ll be able to collect Elastigirl costume threads each weekend. If you don’t get all the threads you need this month, don’t worry! We’ll have other opportunities to collect threads for costumes you may have missed.


I mean, we saw that coming hah

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So only top 1-5 will earn enough to complete the costume.


In a single contest, yes. But, threads are in other rank rewards, and also in the progress rewards, so it’s possible to collect enough in a month without ranking in the top 5.


Awesome! Though, if I may make a suggestion, I’d like to also have the option to turn excess hero chips into costume threads for the character they’re for.


Will any characters be released later during the month


I like this idea. Thanks @Polaris

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Hope I can unlock the new costume. Keep up the good work @Polaris & the rest of team perblue. I have enjoyed every second of the game. Thxs. :smile:


That’s a really good idea actually!


Does the costume do anything other than change the heroes appearance?


Que pasa si a pesar de cumplir lo que me pide el concurso actual esto no se registra?
Hay que gastar resistencia y diamantes, ya gaste más de100 de cada uno y no subo en marcador, nadie de mi clan puede!!

Los concursos tienen una hora de inicio, por lo que todo lo que gastes de diamantes y estamina antes de que inicie el concurso, no van a contar para avanzar en el concurso; yo estoy esperando a que de inicio y entonces empezar a utilizar los diamantesy la estamina

I’m pretty sure the costume enhances the hero’s power

I dont believe it does. Pretty sure they said it’s just for looks

Oh ok : P I feel like I saw an image showing boosts but that was actually most likely my imagination or me getting confused with something else. Thanks for confirming!

I’m not sure where I collect these threads. I have 10,but no idea where they came from… Help

The title of this post literally says where you get them smh

I know how to read lol. But I’ve never been told “I won a thread”

I mean obviously you can’t lmao…as its listed as rewards for the contests aahahhaha

No need to laugh. Rude

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