Couch potato challenge

Help. What does the challenge mean? What heroes reduce the basic damage? I wish they had explanations on how to complete challenges. Any help?!

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Technically there are multiple heroes who reduce basic damage, but the only one I managed to do it with is Angel. Specifically her white skill

Merlin, Ian, Flynn Rider (red), Pleakley (red), HDL (red), and Angel could help

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Interestingly, Merlin doesn’t seem to actually work.
Someone else on S16 also asked about it, so I took Merlin alone into a chapter 1 fight, and squirreled twice, yet the challenge counter did not increase.

Must be a bug. Oh well. The others work.

That’s what I’m guessing

Yeah I tried Merlin before Angel but he didn’t work

To that end, here’s a short video for @Polaris

(link posted as soon as upload finished, so might take a bit to process on youtube’s end)

Thanks for the responses. I had to build Angel up to purple and buff up her white skill, but finally finished the challenge.

Theoratically one of Gonzo’s disc reduces basic damage but this didn’t work either. Since I haven’t the chips to unlock Angel I seem to be out of options.

It isn’t a bug that Merlin doesn’t earn progress in the challenge. It’s looking for the status icon to be applied to the opponent, and Merlin doesn’t do that.


Oh, good to know

Can you give us a list of which heroes actually do that? This challenge seems to be causing a lot of confusion, with some people saying only Angel works and others giving longer lists like The_Death_Note.

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