Crashing in coli


Hello, recently I haven’t been able to play in coliseum or guild war because whenever I do it crashes I checked and saw that the same thing was happening to other people too. I hope that this will be fixed in later updates to the game.


Hi there I hope for the same ! Is it the IOS issue you are referring to ?


Its been happening to me a lot i tried restarting my phone and that only worked for like a week and then it started crashing agian


It was 10d ago, so maybe on march update, hopefully it well get fix…


I’ve had this issue for several months on Android but not on iOS. Now I am seeing it on in campaign and creep surge sometimes but only in Android ( tablet ).


Yeah… it became more frequent crashes after 1.8 bare with it… just enjoy the game…

They are really trying hard to fix it since january/1.7 update…