Crashing in coli

Hello, recently I haven’t been able to play in coliseum or guild war because whenever I do it crashes I checked and saw that the same thing was happening to other people too. I hope that this will be fixed in later updates to the game.


Hi there I hope for the same ! Is it the IOS issue you are referring to ?

Its been happening to me a lot i tried restarting my phone and that only worked for like a week and then it started crashing agian

It was 10d ago, so maybe on march update, hopefully it well get fix…

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I’ve had this issue for several months on Android but not on iOS. Now I am seeing it on in campaign and creep surge sometimes but only in Android ( tablet ).

Yeah… it became more frequent crashes after 1.8 bare with it… just enjoy the game…

They are really trying hard to fix it since january/1.7 update…

I think the best way to fix the coliseum crash issue would be to add the quick fight feature.

I’ve never successfully completed a coliseum fight this year at all. Either it crashes immediately or in the second battle.

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