Creep Surge Assistance

I’m a fairly new player and have a quick question regarding Creep Surge. Is it better for my guild for me to clear areas (usually 36-40+) or donate the 1.87 million in influence (I think that’s what it’s called) for my heroes?

It’s definitely better to use you heroes manually if you can.
If you donate them you will get points exactly equal to their combined power, if you use them you can usually defeat opponents with higher power (especially using mercenaries as well). On top of this, your guild will receive bonus surge coins for clearing full zones/waves and you will earn gold for winning fights that you won’t receive if you donate.


By clearing districts you can earn your guild more points than your donation will get you. You also can help earn more surge tokens and influence. If you can higher a merc with every attack then you help your members. When you’ve met your match then it’s time to put your toons in HQ.


You can also are clear weak districts again for the points which will help your guild. Welcome to the game!

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Thanks for all your advice. Greatly appreciated.

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