Creep Surge Bug


Just completed this area in the CreepSurge, but it says I am still attacking it? I haven’t received my event points for it either.

EDIT: So now it says the area hasn’t been attacked, but all of the heroes I used for the attack I can no longer use. So I have lost out on a full teams worth of points for the current event.


Bad news… PB wont even compensate you with this one… i already post this kind of thread, but it was ignored… about attacking all contest hero and crash and no points…

So just bare with it or quit the game…

It will keep on crashing in surge, coli, gw etc etc etc


Yeah someone from support said that they can see that I attacked and that the points are right. When they are clearly wrong. The support for this game is poor when they can see there is obviously something wrong but don’t do anything about it.


The situation in the original post happens when you’re on a bad connection or something else causes a drop in communication between your device and the game server. The area will show as under attack for about 10 minutes, and then reset. The attacker’s heroes are marked as used. This happens in Guild War attacks also - it’s a mechanism to prevent cheating. In this case, the battle wouldn’t be completed, and there wouldn’t be any points awarded.


same thing,game chrashed,points and heroes lost


@Polaris i dont think its about internet connection… its been like this since 1.7…

Personally, i just love this game thats why im bearing with it… while others already quit bec of frequent crashes in gw, coli, arena etc