Creep Surge ended way to early!

So Creep Surge is supposed to be from 8am to 12 midnight right? For some reason today my guilds surge ended way to early. It’s only 5pm and now we have an incomplete even tho we should have 7 more hours to do it. @Polaris can you or anyone help please?!?!

Did you change your guild time zone ?
It happened to us as well once. It will get back to normal tomorrow

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I didn’t change it that’s why I don’t get why it ended already

Guild leaders can change the start time of surge. Have your guild leader check it. When it has ended early in our guild that was usually the Case

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I am the leader @Meatsqueezer lol that’s why I came on here to ask cause I don’t get why it ended early when I haven’t changed the time I have no reason to lol

If you didn’t, could be because of a time change within your country Perblue country ? Happened a while back to us as well

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I get that but the daylight savings was on March 10th… that was a little over a week ago… we didn’t have issues then but we had an issue yesterday? It didn’t make since… why would daylight savings affect a week later?

Good question :thinking: just trying to figure out what could have happened

I know @Razikdme to lol @Polarisanyway u can look into it? I’m just annoyed we had an incomplete when if we had the full time we could have had it completed

It happened to us today. I know they did a server maintenance today. It may have had something to do with it.

Did it go Back to normal for you?

The same thing happened to my guild today and I asked in the officer chat and nobody knows why…
I’m on server 10 btw so I don’t know if it’s one server or across multiple

Same here. @Polaris any idea why Surge ended so early yesterday? We therefore failed to complete as we should have had at least 4-5 more hours from recollection!

OPs post 30 days ago guys. Surge ended early for most of us probably due to an issue with the update. The the 1.9 known issues and you’ll see in the comment section

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