Creep Surge Gold Decrease Update

Hi there!

We have an update about the gold decrease for Surge. It looks like it did not roll out the new formula as we intended and was still using the old formula for gold given during Creep Surge. We needed to relook at the reward formula to make sure we reached the intended scaling. The scaling change didn’t affect gold amounts as we planned so we’re making an adjustment. This system works on a per hero basis and most players are defeating enemy heroes that fall under this threshold. The new formula will now be rolled out tomorrow 10/1 at 11am CST.


Things are changing


OK. What does this mean, is our gold from surge decreasing or increasing? Who knows?


This sounds complicated.

Hmmm… +10M hero power then?

I still think it is 10M Team Power because of the compensation.

It will still be decreasing for a small portion of players it just wasn’t rolled out with Tuesday’s update correctly as we had planned. Players who received the compensation are still the ones who will see the difference.

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I wonder if there are data of affection for individual servers :thinking:
Cause I think the % will be surely higher in 1-5 than in, say, Server 14. And 18-24 will probably be around 0.

I’m sure there is data there, but from the compensation I gave out it really is a small group.

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yes but considering the Servers 1, 2 and 5 alone it might be a bigger group

as mentioned, Servers 21-24 are entirely out of the question (I should know, the highest power of a character possible is like 1.2-1.3M there)
and 18-19 I believe is similar… 2M heroes start to be a thing at or near Yellow.

What you say about a small group is:

People fighting 10M+ Team Power Surge fights / All people in Servers 1-24

While I talk about:

People fighting 10M+ Team Power Surge fights / All people eligible to fight 10M+ Team Power Surge fights

And that eligible thing is: Players from Servers 1-5, 14 and maybe 18-19.
I do know that 21-24 are “the majority” of the playerbase, but adding them to the equations makes no sense since they can’t fight those Surge battles that had the Gold increase nerfed

Let’s see how bad it is for the small players it affects have a feeling top players will not be happy

Instead of doing things like nerfing gold intake or increasing token crate costs, couldn’t you also just simply make a regular rotation of other things that accepts these currencies as well like adding special crates for different purposes or an entirely different store maybe…? For example, introducing Porpoises Only Crates or Super Mega Gold Liquidation Happy Fun Time Market on certain occasions/days that allows the excess in these different areas to be distributed…?


Well its over 50.percent lower what a joke I knew it to get us to buy gold deals. Players you need to strike and show per blue they cant take the mickey outta us. Its the only way

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Curious, I just cleared a few ~20M districts, and I’m seeing a 25% lower payout. I wonder what the source of the discrepancy is.

Edit: Someone’s posted screenshots of a stronger district that does indeed show a 50% decrease. So the stronger a district is, the more the payout’s being decreased? :unamused:

Seriously, @Loutre, you should have the slurs censored…


You got trolled

Slurs aren’t a joke :unamused:


Yes they areeee

When will you do the next hero refreshes? And I heard that you did refreshed last month…but who is it?

tbh I don’t think this will make a significant difference to players who are active.

What does worry me a bit is that Surge participation, generally was already really low - this isn’t going to help :grimacing:

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