D.O.T. Goblin

Mentioned in a Server 18 Challenge.
Where are they to be found?

Chapter 28


Normal campaign, chapter 28.1 has two D.O.T. Goblins


What the heck do you do if you’re not near level 28?? I mean… C’mon make the challenges available to ALL players!!

You could still find them pretty frequently in Invasion’s Breaker Quests, so it shouldn’t be a problem to people that haven’t reached that chapter.


What do you do if Kevin Flynn is feeble and would not be of any use? So many perks for Whales.

just put him in with 4 of your strongest heroes? :man_shrugging: these challenges are among the easiest to complete


It looks like there is a glitch with it though. There are 2 goblins on 28/1 but every time I clear it the challenge is only credited with 1 extra.

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Same here. 1 instead 2

Not if you cannot handle Chapter 28 with your top 5.

Same here, but my Flynn always gets KOd before the 2nd goblin, so I thought that is the case.

That’s what I thought it was at first but then I changed my team up to make sure Flynn survived the entire fight and the bug still persisted.

@The_Pascal_King I understand why this would be frustrating for you but at the same time there has to be elements of the game that aren’t just catering to the weakest/newest players. There needs to be some balance, if challenges are too easy then they are equally as unappealing to more experienced players and whilst chapter 28 might seem beyond the realms of possible, the truth is that it isn’t really a particularly difficult level in the grand scheme of things. Compared to the current highest chapter, the enemies in chapter 28 are 7 ranks and 45 levels lower.

Right. I am hacking my way through Ch. W6. A Challenge is ine thing, an Impossibility another.

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