Damn translation machine

Once I saw this, I can’t belive my eyes
In the game, Damn racist translating machine has changed the word “black market” into “black slave market” in korean
(흑인 시장=Black slave market)
Plz upgrade the game’s translation

This has been reported to us, and we’ve asked our translation company to review the text. Black slave market is not acceptable and we apologize for any errors in the translations.


Oh, well dat is super racist

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Hi there, as we have seen these innacurate and INTOLERABLE translation errors were made by what I guess the google translator.
The AI is far from perfect pls don’t use it anymore ! In the german translation we he had the „celebration of obese vilaintaines day“ villaintaine is not-translatable and instead of „big“ it came out as „fat or obese“.
I herefore offer you and Perblue a FREE (and totally confidential) translation of ALL your english-german texts.
Anybody with a different offer ?
Français and espanōl ?

Who’s with me and wants to support the game and make it more enjoyable !?

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