Darkwing Duck bug and PerBlues delay in fixing it


Perblue has been well aware of the Darkwing Duck shield bug which is getting fixed in the next patch. The problem is since this game is for the most part King of the Hill, them waiting this long to fix it is an issue. They milked this bug by constantly having deals to buy DW which is currently the only counter for his 100% shield destroying bug.

Something like this should never have made it live and never should have been used by PerBlue as an attempt to get more people to pay money to buy this hero.

The same thing can be said about Quorra before the 2 nerfs on her. Perblue was well aware of her power and they continued to offer big pay deals for her and her friends discs.


While I don’t disagree that the bug should’ve been caught, because of how the disk is described as a chance to block shields, playtesters may have just thought it to be a string of good luck on their end. They also may not have spent too much time with DWD Nick disk as the Mr. I disk would’ve needed to be properly tested as well.

That being said the delay I don’t feel was due to milking said heroes apparent strength. DWD is the newest character and I think would’ve had deals for him regardless of whether or not the bug existed. There is also the fact that the balance team was working presumably on Gaston and the hero refreshes coming next patch.

On top of the time it takes to open code and fiddle around with it to fix the disk while at the same time making sure nothing else breaks in the process. There should be at least some leniency with them in that regard. As they have found a way to fix it and did so the next following patch.

Quorra is a different issue entirely. She was more than likely nerfed not because of PVP but rather because of the next mode to be released soon called Invasion. In which you fight from what I have seen, raid bosses and uncapped Max Hp damage would make her ridiculous in said game mode. I also don’t believe that she was milked for her power. She had 2 characters made to specifically counter her in Shank and Ursula. That would be the more egregious action to me rather than Quorra. Instead of fixing Quorra they make a couple characters to counter her and milk those instead.

At least those are my two cents on the subject. Feel free to disagree, but I think DWD was handled to the best of their ability.


It’s not 100%. Quite often Quarra have her shield from disk.

His disk will be fixed in update 1.7.2


To prove my point some more. There is a DW bundle for 80 chips right now for $10. Probably less then 4 hrs before his disk is fixed and he isnt top tier.


You’d better wait because thx to DwD people removed Baymax from their lineups entirely. And now they’ll bring him back.

Tbh i won’t believe at all DwD will be useful after nerf, so, yea, everything feels like they made it intentionally.


It was not intentional. It was a bug, which will be fixed in the 1.7.2 update.


So what we paid for baymax and his shields are easy to beat now hes fairly weak you don’t need an OP shield breaker when its v v beatable


Again he is the newest hero so they are offering deals to allow people easier access to him. Also what makes you think he won’t be top tier? He has invisibility, a scaling basic damage buff, a solid area stun and decent aoe with his grappling hook.

Also they offer him for 10$ right before the patch that fixes his game breaking bug so I don’t see how that could be considered milking him.


He is moving to the colesium today so everyone will be able to get im easily. Also the only reason he is top tier now is because he is making shield 100% useless. He is easy to kill if you can survive the first few seconds.


I disagree. I believe his kit to hold some merit and will still be a strong hero. Perhaps not at they very top like he was because of his bugged disk but still someone who will be seeing a fair bit of use.


Why do bugs have to wait for a full-release Update?

EDIT: Surprise, surprise… no response. I’m shocked this post wasn’t “flagged by the community”…


Some fixes require changes in the game client, and those require a full submission, review, release process.