Darkwing Duck is becoming a major pain

Whenever i face DW, he completely demolishes my team no matter what i do. It’s becoming a real pain in the neck. Please help me.


If you can disable him before he becomes invisible and swings you should have no problem defeating him.

In which game mode are you playing because in campaign and invasión I use facilier and it works very good for me

Friendship campaigns. So i have a fixed set of heroes.

Which campaign?

Right now, Bo Peep and Woody.

I’m gonna see that campaign

I don’t see that level yet but I think you can try this :man_shrugging:

What heroes have disables?
This is my team, I get wrecked by Darkwing too:

Ian can blind and shrink Darkwing which may help. Also if you have Baymax’s Olaf disk you can freeze Darkwing at the start of each wave allowing you to quickly defeat him.

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Magica with megavolt disk shuts him down.

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Hello here

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Hello, but please use other suitable topics to say an hi

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Cheshire Cat has an attack that can target invisible enemies, if that helps. Depends what options you have


Oh also I can resist pointing out that this thread is essentially “DarkWing Duck is too Dangerious” :grin: heheheh


Seeing as your issue is specifically a friendship campaign, I’d say have woody and bo do some friend power up missions until you can brute force your way through.

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You could use bunsen and beaker darkwing will be forced to kill beakers and not bunsen

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please don´t revive dead topics and is a friend campaign so the characters are limited

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Idk i just like darkwing duck

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