Davy Jones and Tia Dalma?

Y’know it just occurred to me; we now have Davy Jones and Tia Dalma (AKA Calypso) and unless they missed it in the patch notes or it just isn’t out because it’s at higher level than any of the servers or something, they don’t have a friendship story together. Is it just me or is that extremely weird?

I mean Calypso is Jones’ love, the one who cursed him and easily the most important person to his backstory! If they’re both alive and in the city I’d darn well think they’d have some interaction!

And before anyone suggests that that their breakup would prevent them counting as “friends”, need I remind you that Belle and Gaston have a friendship?

I already thought it was kind of a missed opportunity not to give Tia Dalma (again, sea goddess bound in human form) one with Maui (seafaring demigod) or Moana (given her interaction with a sentient sea) but not giving her one with Davy Jones of all people seems especially strange…

Are they just trying to avoid mentioning her being Calypso to avoid spoiling the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie for those who haven’t seen it? If that’s the case, why is it OK to have Ralph and Vanellope mention Turbo? Or for Genie to mention the fact he’s been freed - I know most people are aware how Aladdin ends but why avoid spoilers so much on one movie and not the others?

Actually, for that matter, why is she still Tia Dalma in this game at all? Jack’s friendship with Hades implies that At World’s End has already happened, so shouldn’t she be unbound by this point? I guess she’s kind of more recognisable as Tia Dalma but even so…


This is a good question! I have always found some friendships to be strange over others considering who is in the game. Are you sure who Davy is going to be friends with? Does he have his 2 friendship disks yet? If not then this might work.

Update. I just checked the patch notes and he only has one of 2 friendships.


Yeah I guess the other one could be with Tia Dalma. Let’s wait and see

Ah, OK, glad to hear that :slight_smile:

On a side note, I really do like the idea of Davy Jones and Oogie Boogie as friends. They’re both supernatural entities who play off fear and have been known to play dice games, it makes a lot of sense!


You might wanna fact check that.

I did check it, it’s not her

2nd friend

It’s Hook. :upside_down_face:

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It’s all quite strange

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Yup, seems like his other friend is Hook. Missed opportunity not to do Tia Dalma.

I get it, Hook’s a pirate, but we already took advantage of that angle with his Barbossa friendship. No need to reinforce it at the cost of any interaction between Davy Jones and the character responsible for his entire backstory


Don’t necropost bro.

It’s only been two weeks! Does that seriously constitute necroposting?

As well as that, I do like it when they can make a friendship between a villain and a non-villain, either due to canon interactions or with a hero of a different story.

It is reviving dead topics, which can be really annoying for people.


Who decides when a topic is “dead”? I just came back here upon observing that Davy Jones had his second friendship and there was new info to contribute

I get that some people get annoyed by “necroposting” but a few days is a bit soon to call a topic dead, isn’t it?

And two weeks is a long time, this topic is dead and you revived it

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Huh, sorry I guess. Didn’t think it would be a problem. I thought commenting here would make more sense than just making another topic about it

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