Dead server need help

Hi there
I’m on server 5 and my server is really dying. Our 1% contest stop around rank 45-50, a lot of guilds can’t find new players to replace players who left game. We already got a server merge maybe 2 years ago. VIP chat is almost dead too…
I was wondering if others servers are in the same statement ?
Can Perblue considerate a new merge ? It became a real priority to keep players entertain…

Thanks you :relaxed:

Merge of servers
18+19 is really needed.


21 and 22 also

It’s because of timezones 5 can’t merge :confused:

It’s not even a problem… duh, Europeans even will benefit from the USA timezone. Unless this is the problem, players having lighter life. :roll_eyes:

Well, FtN proves having lighter life is a problem. So…

Server 14 ist auch schon wieder leer. Dabei war erst vor kurzem Fusion mit Server 16.

Due to how the game is managed, all servers will be dead soon. And no merge will overcome that, sadly.

Idk about u

Servers 9 to 12 merged and one of them was European

Was würdest du ändern numi?

I’ve mentionend this many times before in the past, but a server merge is not a solution. It’s merely the postponement of the inevitable. Remember, Server 5 was the first server that got a merge and we’re back at the exact same point we were before the merge. The reasons why servers are dying out is because so many players are leaving and because Perblue refuses to address the issues that matters most: the lack of incentives and rewards in contests, the power creep, the huge power difference between F2P and Whales, the constant level cap and the total abandonment on any improvements regarding the markets, heists, city watch and daily rewards.

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as Ferlaqua says, the problem is because the users is leaving, more mainly the F2P players, and why leaving the game? only is needed check how many resistance, experience and Gold needed for reach only 1 hero to maximum rank (in my case in server 21 is the rank red+10) and check the difficulty in the City Watch in easy, normal and hard difficulty, creep surge and invasions, more mainly the city watch and creep surge, those 2 game modes take the most used heroes in Colisseum and arena, for that the real difficulty of these 2 game modes are ridiculous with the new heroes upgrades by the most buyers players, and is too obvious that players only have to play in campaign only, how are they going to leave the game? and as the new players cant join in a guild because all the most active guilds are Top guilds, and as a new or returned player cant join in one of those guilds, is leaving the game again,

i no say as experience in disney heroes, is the reality of the game (and all the online games in general) and after see many players with 7M+ might leaving the game (and my guild for go to the most higher guilds), and therefore, the problem is not only of Perblue, the second problem of the game are the big buyers who are only looking for advanced players and kick small players or players who cannot reach the power of a buyer player (P2W),

well, after all this nobody want accept all this as P2W player, and is normal, nobody as buyer no want accept the defeat, but that made you favorite game get killed,

in others words, the Toxic players cannot accept the defeat and the reality, and only attack to the most weak players for easy wins,

and well, i say my opinion as a experienced player and after see the situation of Disney Heroes,

  • lack of incentives and rewards in contests - YES, it’s still the same around and around and around… and if not, it’s just disguised around
  • the power creep - YEEEEEEES, so many old heroes (and not just beta) have issues doing nothing in combat - series of small buffs would change that!
  • huge power difference between F2P and Whales - S21-24 have it the “better” way, although not perfect, what’s needed is to triple the free stamina gotten while not raising the deals in old servers… S21-24 should have both free stamina and deals tripled, their ratio is good, just the balance is lacking
  • improvements of shops - I said it that Arena, Surge, Coli, Heist, whatever Shop should only have Hero Chips… badges there are useless, xp drinks are a joke
  • heist and city watch - the problem with heist is being a burden - there’s no real reason to play it regularly and waste so much time, with CW the worst is RS Chips not being able to raise character a level near the cap (it needs about 50% buff)
  • daily rewards - FINALLY SOMEONE MENTIONS IT… utter joke called Sign-In giving at the last days of a month glorious 2 Sapphire Credits!!!, 120 Diamonds!!!, 11 Mega XP Drinks!!!.. I mean… why??? Same with the Daily Quests, they give basically nothing valuable but Team XP (which in most cases are not valuable as well)

Honorable mention from me - Crates
Staple of the game, Gold Crates give glorious Blue Badge with a Buy 10. BLUE BADGE! If anything, it should give guaranteed Purple Badge (preferably one that is used in further crafting). XP drinks should be removed from it.
Diamond Crates - they need to be 1/10 if not 1/100 of their cost for what they are worth. You give them in the contest in literal hundreds @Loutre… well, the team anyway… and yet they are normally available for min. 288 diamonds. They give nothing serious, you can even make it drop only few hero chips at buy 10. Full blue or purple badges? Where are orange or… red? At least bits if nothing else. XP Drinks a joke again.
Guild Crate - JUST TERRIBLE - they give full white, green and blue badges… curiously enough since certain TL the badge booster crate stops giving all 3. I ask why are there not more chances towards current badge bits? XP Drinks a joke like everytime. Gold Credits shouldn’t be there at all.\

So yeah - these things are what detriments people from further play, the ROI is mega low.

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