Dec 2021 Tier List! Y8 Max Lvl 275 | Bendy

Hey guys! Bendy here! Just got finished with our December tier list! Thank you to everybody that joined the stream and helped vote on where heroes belong! Click on the image to zoom in and see everything more clearly.

This tier list sees quite a lot of changes, most of which were more adjustments to some lower tier heroes and even some higher tier ones as well!

First though, all 3 Sanderson sisters made their debut at Really Good! And while no one has Chip & Dale and Raya yet, they both got voted right into Really Good as well! I personally think Raya has potential to move up to the top though in upcoming tier lists.

Outside of them, there was a lot of changes throughout the tier list this month! I won’t mention every single one, but the most notable to me are the fact that Timon & Pumbaa made the surprise push to the top of the tier list! It surprised me at least, we even did 2 votes to determine it, I believe it is due to the fact that Timon is one of the standard heroes that everybody should work on as they counter most of the very crit heavy meta we are in right now. Some other surprise moves are the fact that both Joy and Sadness moved up to Really Good as well, both quite unanimously I might add!

There was also a whole slew of heroes that moved down a tier, from Rapunzel and Li Shang moving down to Balanced to Violet, Yax, Maui, and Hercules all going down to the bottom in F! Hopefully we don’t get to much hate for all these changes, but I’m kind of expecting some push back on this one honestly.


If you have suggestions for changes that you want to see to the next tier list, we have a survey that you can fill out so that your voice is more likely to be heard on the next stream even if you can’t be there in person! You may fill it out here:

Channel Link:

Discord Link: Bendyland

Printer friendly version of tier list if you’re into that sort of thing: December 2021 Tier List Y8/Max Level 275 PRINTER FRIENDLY - Album on Imgur


we’ve gone back in time :sob:
(look at topic name)


Whoops :joy: it’s fixed now


Why Sarah is so high? She is truly terrible, low damage, none of her stats works, Billy practically does nothing. Meh.
Similar to Winifred, just not that bad.

Yax definitely doesn’t belong that low. :confused:

I see Joy ranked very high everywhere now. Is that just because of the reality from her Olaf disk, or is there some way to make her durable enough to actually be useful?

That’s armor and no.

It’s her purple and red skill. She still needs some stat buffs or better full refresh as everything about her isn’t really joyful.

Timon however is one tier too high :confused:

True, she gets armor from Olaf’s disk, but I was thinking of how it gives her stacks of Happiness (and thus, more reality for her team) at the start of battle; I probably should have spelled that out in my initial question. So it does sound like she’s being ranked just for the reality (and buff-removal immunity) she gives her teammates.

There’s another AND, she increases HP of herself and allies to endless amounts.

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she is fine

I think there’s a bit of bias with the Sanderson’s here, all should be down at least one tier

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Yax not only lacks a lot. But his healing is VERY low. And his blue skill hardly do any damage these days. Mostly because all the brand new characters were much more powerful than Yax. Therefore, Yax gets a F’s in the chat I’m afraid. :man_shrugging:

But Kim IS below Mulan, Bunsen, and Mim, a tier below in fact :sweat_smile:

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Actually, I see Kim a decent amount in arena, coli, and war. She’s already had one refresh recently, and there are many, many heroes who could use a refresh more urgently.


Read that wrong.

Revotes will definitely be in order next month for the Sanderson sisters, to be fair I was kind of surprised to see all of them get voted into Really Good myself, but at the same time at that point in the stream there wasn’t many voters so it was likely skewed by such few votes


I have him maxed… his heals are very good, Frozone disk grsnts everyone 1.5M basic damage whenever he uses his white skill.
The starting slow is very useful for several combos.
So no, Yax isn’t bad.

Kim is better than them… now at least.
Obviously, Mim is great against Jim as a counter.
Mulan and Bunsen just don’t do much. Bunsen only counters study and that is all he does, nothing more.

Before refresh she had 2019 stats. Refresh did push it just a bit, but made the scaling much better, and later on she got good badges from new rarities.

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I will explain these. One of the best characters in the game ever is Ian and one of the strongest buffs in the game is reflect. Ian gives two reflects and joy with his red skill prevents that from being removed at the start of the fight. So it’s pretty hard to beat a team in less than 10 seconds with a good composition. Joy also gives a great buff for reality and armor. The only problem with her is that her red skill needs to be maxed to work 100% of the time so few people have her red skill at max level.

Everything you said only require unlocked red skill.

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Yes, you are right. That makes joy better.

I was kinda surprised by Sarah’s placement, I’m assuming the slow from disk is very strong but she didn’t seem particularly good otherwise

The other two I agree with being in Really Good

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